Film to Blockchain Transition: ‘The Flash’ Web3 Experience

Warner Bros.’ ‘The Flash’ is rapidly approaching its one-month anniversary in cinemas. While its performance may not have lived up to the global sensation status initially anticipated by the studio, the film is moving into an entirely different market: the blockchain world. The ‘The Flash Web3 Movie Experience’ has been dubbed “the first new release movie to hit the blockchain,” offering buyers a unique immersive web3 experience.

In this digital landscape, users can explore various locations like the Batplane or Barry’s room, each filled with hidden augmented reality collectibles that unlock behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive content. This innovative approach extends further with a redeemable voucher for a DC NFT from the comic publisher’s NFT marketplace and “randomly selected key art” from the film, possessing various degrees of rarity.

The Flash Web3 Movie Experience Editions

The Flash Web3 Movie Experience offers two distinct editions to its buyers: ‘Mystery’ and ‘Premium’. The ‘Mystery’ edition is priced at $35. It includes one of four pieces of key art (Prime Barry, Young Barry, Batman, or Supergirl) and one of four dynamic menu interfaces unveiled after the purchase. This version is limited to 10,000 copies.

In contrast, the ‘Premium’ edition, priced at $100, is only available in 2,000 copies. It includes one of two pieces of motion art, which features The Flash, Supergirl, and Batman together, or Dark Flash. It also comes with all four explorable dynamic menu interfaces and exclusive special features.

Every purchase of The Flash Web3 Movie Experience will also receive a voucher that can be redeemed to claim a DC3 Super Power Pack NFT from DC NFT Marketplace. Each pack contains a randomly selected trio of digital comics, with rarity levels spanning from Common to Legendary.

Source Warner Bros’ Movieverse

Warner Bros Movieverse NFT Releases

‘The Flash,’ released just last month, showcases the lightning-fast hero manipulating time to prevent a personal tragedy, unintentionally rewriting history. Despite a reported $200 million production budget and a $65 million marketing expenditure, the movie garnered a little over $261 million at the box office.

The Flash Web3 Movie Experience marks Warner Bros.’ third foray into the realm of Movieverse NFT releases. The venture was first initiated with “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Extended Edition)” last October, followed by the 1978 “Superman” movie in June. Interestingly, owners of these previous NFT releases and DC Bat Cowl and DC3 NFT holders will receive early access to the Flash NFT sale. This innovative approach to film releases signifies Warner Bros.’ commitment to exploring new technologies and platforms in the entertainment industry.


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