Warner Bros set to release DC Comics NFT Trading Cards

Warner Bros, the company behind the fantastic DC universe, is set to release hybrid cards that feature a physical card as well as corresponding NFTs.

DC: It’s okay to be a superhero

DC Comics has blessed the world with some of the most iconic superheroes of all time, and it’s safe to say that in the majority of countries globally, DC superheroes were part of most people’s childhoods. We have Batman battling the Joker in Gotham, Aquaman ruling the seven seas, Amazonia’s Wonder Woman saving the world, and everyone else.

Warner Bros, through DC, knows how to create captivating stories that left us in awe as kids and still leave us in awe the older we get. Without a doubt, the most famous superhero from DC is the man himself, Krypton’s very own Superman- the man of steel.

For decades DC has been creating stories that leave lasting impacts; these enduring stories bless us with immersive experiences that entertain audiences worldwide in different generations—as one of the largest publishers of graphic novels and comics, existing in the NFT space is an experience that should come naturally to DC and Warner Bros.

Warner Bros x Cartamundi

Warner Bros Consumer Products is partnering with Cartamundi Group, one of the leaders in the world of playing cards. On 10 March 2022, we witnessed the launch of DC Hybrid Trading Cards by Hro. Thanks to HRO, an insightful platform that expertly combines the digital and physical worlds, fans will be able to better engage with the DC Multiverse by trading DC-based “hybrid” NFT trading cards based on some of the most recognizable DC superheroes and supervillains.

Warner Bros and Cartamundi will create over 6 million DC-inspired physical trading cards with corresponding NFTs that can be redeemed in a few weeks. Cartamundi will employ its wealth of experience in the board and card game sector to design the cards featuring 155 different superheroes.

Warner Bros is not holding back with this project, it is going all-in, and these NFTs will be available on Immutable X, an Ethereum side chain that has gained critical acclaim in recent times. Stefaan Merckx, Cartamundi’s CEO, shared the following concerning the partnership, “Cartamundi is excited to partner with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to bring a new breakthrough hybrid physical and digital fan engagement platform and solution, Hro, to market.”

An Exciting month for Warner Bros

March promises to be a scintillating month for Warner Bros, and it plans to incorporate characters and imagery from the most recent DC Comics film, “The Batman.” After the original launch of DC Hybrid Trading Cards by Hro in March 2022, we can expect more limited-edition content over the year.

The Hro app will make it easier for owners to enjoy their physical and virtual cards, and each physical card comes equipped with a QR code that makes it easy to connect it to its digital “twin.” Buyers will also access a 24-hour marketplace to trade cards, thanks to the Hro app.


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