Warner Bros. and Eluvio Announce Superman NFT Movie Experience

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, in collaboration with blockchain pioneer Eluvio, has unveiled the highly anticipated Superman NFT Movie Experience. This immersive digital collectible offers fans a unique way to engage with the iconic DC Super Hero film. Set to be released on June 9, the Superman NFT Movie Experience aims to redefine the concept of film ownership and viewing.

Superman NFT Movie Experience

The Superman NFT Movie Experience allows fans to own and interact with the 1978 Richard Donner film like never before. Through a dynamic menu system based on iconic locations from the movie, users can watch the film in 4K UHD across various devices and access special features. 

The NFT also includes image galleries featuring the work of renowned DC artists and digital easter eggs, enhancing the immersive experience.

Standard and Premium Editions

Warner Bros offers two editions of the Superman NFT Movie Experience. 

The standard edition, priced at $30, includes an interactive location-based navigation menu, the theatrical version of the film, and behind-the-scenes image galleries. 

For enthusiasts seeking an enhanced experience, the premium edition, priced at $100, features three variations illustrated by notable DC artists.

Each variation includes an interactive menu and multiple versions of the film, along with exclusive special features and image galleries.

As an added bonus, Superman NFT Movie Experience purchasers will receive a free voucher code for a DC3 Super Power Pack. These packs contain randomly selected Superman comics, ranging in rarity from Common to Legendary, sourced from the DC NFT Marketplace. With new themed packs launching periodically, fans can collect and trade these digital comics within the growing digital collectibles market.

Early Access and Release Details 

Early access to the Superman NFT Movie Experience will be granted to holders of DC Bat Cowl NFTs, DC3 NFTs, and The Lord of the Rings NFT Movie Experience NFTs. This exclusive opportunity allows dedicated fans to be among the first to explore and engage with the immersive NFT offering. The general public release of the Superman NFT Movie Experience will commence on June 9, accessible through the official website.


Warner Bros. and Eluvio have joined forces to offer fans an immersive and interactive way to own and engage with this beloved DC Super Hero film. As the NFT market continues to evolve, this innovative offering signals a new era in film ownership and fan experiences. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the exciting possibilities of the Superman NFT Movie Experience.


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