LaMelo Ball’s Puma MB.03: Debuting as NFT Before Physical Launch

In what seems like a crossover episode between the worlds of basketball, fashion, and crypto, Charlotte Hornets’ star LaMelo Ball, in partnership with PUMA, is embarking on a new journey with his signature shoe series. The third model, the MB.03, doesn’t shy away from Ball’s love for unrestrained aesthetics that we’ve seen in the first two iterations.

The Aesthetics of the MB.03

The MB.03 makes its entrance in a daring “GutterMelo” colorway, a tie-in with NFT collectible firm Gutter Cat Gang. The heat-map color gradient of the Gutter Cat mascot on the tongue aligns with the pattern on the synthetic overlay.

This third entrant is audacious, with an eye-catching midsole design that extends upward to the shoe’s mid-foot. The unique, organically shaped padding at the Achilles and a heel scoop affirm Ball’s “Not From Here” design philosophy.

The GutterMelo Debut: A Nod to NFTs

Now, here’s where the traditional sneaker launch takes a Web3 twist. Before the shoe hits the market, the Puma MB.03 “GutterMelo” will debut as an NFT on OpenSea, available from June 29th. The NFT can be purchased with Ethereum or by credit card.

Suppose you’re a holder of the NFT. In that case, you’ll be eligible for an early shot at grabbing the physical version of the shoe in a limited time window from July 18th through August 20th.

Source Puma

The price of this cutting-edge NFT is $175. But keep your eyes peeled for more MB.03 colorways coming later this fall in the 2023 season. And, if you’re a LaMelo Ball fan, remember the Puma MB.02 “Be You” is launching on June 9th.

In a world where sneakers and NFTs intersect, LaMelo Ball and PUMA seem keen on pushing the envelope. Or, in this case, the shoebox.

Revisiting LaMelo’s Dynamic NFT Collection

In 2021, Playground Studios launched the LaMelo Ball Collectibles. These collectibles marked the official dNFT (Dynamic NFTs) collection for the 2021 NBA Rookie of the Year, none other than LaMelo Ball himself.

In the lead-up to the 2021 NBA Rookie of the Year Award announcement, fans minted 8,070 of these dynamic NFTs. These were classified into four distinct tiers, each tied to a unique facet of LaMelo Ball’s career, specifically in-game performance metrics.

A fan ecosystem evolved around these dNFTs, with post-match stats of LaMelo’s games being integrated on-chain, adding a dynamic dimension to the fan experience tied to the ownership of these digital collectibles. These stats were sourced from the reliable Chainlink Sports Data Feeds, a trusted source for tamper-proof data.


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