PUMA Metaverse Experience to Feature Physical Sneakers

PUMA is the latest fashion giant to join the metaverse through its Black Station experience, launched last month to celebrate the company’s 75th anniversary. PUMA describes the Black Station experience as its “very own 3D spatial playground.” A unique Web3 space that will allow its NFT community to “experience the brand like never before.”

By launching its own Web3 space, PUMA joins the likes of Nike and Adidas, who have already jumped onto the metaverse bandwagon as they seek to capitalize on the growing interest in NFTs among the masses.

Redeem A Physical Pair Of Sneakers On PUMA Metaverse

In PUMA’s case, the Black Station experience allows the company to merge the physical with the digital, where participants can connect a crypto wallet and receive a Nitro Collection NFT and PUMA Materializer NFT. The former offers holders access to premium brand NFTs while the latter can be burned to redeem a physical pair of sneakers starting in the first quarter of 2023.

According to the company website, the NFT space dubbed Futrograde is a place where PUMA fans can experience the brand’s future through different portals that take you on a unique adventure. In other words, it offers the visitor a digital fashion experience.

The metaverse can be experienced through a dedicated and interactive website where visitors can walk around using the mouse and visit different portals where they will see models walking on the runway sporting various PUMA merchandise and having other cool experiences.

Speaking on the launch of the Black Station, Adam Petrick, the chief brand officer at PUMA, noted that “Twenty years ago, Black Station was PUMA’s home for our most innovative designs in fashion. Given the boundaries we are pushing from a product design and digital standpoint, we found it fitting to bring Black Station back as a new portal for digital exploration across fashion, sports performance, our heritage classics, and innovation.”

The venture sees PUMA join a host of other top brands releasing physical items tied to digital assets, a move dubbed “phygitals.”


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