OKX’s NFT Lab Lights up Tribeca Festival with Web3 and AI

Cryptocurrency company OKX is going all in on NFTs and AI at the upcoming Tribeca Festival. From June 7-14, Spring Studios NYC will host OKX’s NFT Lab. In this space, festival-goers can experiment with minting their unique, AI-generated content (AIGC) NFTs.

Situated on the ground floor, OKX’s NFT Lab will let attendees customise NFTs by inputting text prompts into the OKX mobile app. This tailor-made NFT generation is all thanks to AIGC tech, which uses machine learning to generate one-of-a-kind digital art.

Source Tribeca Festival

And the result? Each masterpiece will be minted as an NFT on the blockchain and can be transferred to any wallet or listed on the OKX NFT Marketplace. For a dash of spectacle, the freshly minted NFTs will be displayed in real-time on square screens in the lab.

Popcorn, Merch, and Social Media

Not content with just showing off the creative side of Web3, OKX will also install vending machines in the OKX Theater at BMCC TPAC. These machines will accept crypto payments for snacks and beverages via the OKX Wallet. And if you’ve ever wanted to see an OKX-branded concession stand, you’re in luck. It will offer a range of items, from popcorn to OKX merchandise. There’s even a promotion on the cards. Create an OKX Wallet or snap and tag a picture of the concession stand, and you’ll be treated to free popcorn and OKX sunglasses.

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To quote OKX Chief Marketing Officer Haider Rafique, “We’re proud to bring OKX’s NFT Lab to life at the Tribeca Festival, showcasing the potential of Web3 and AI technology in transforming the art world as we know it.” This sentiment is echoed by OKX’s Head of US Web3, Nate Zou, who’s excited about demonstrating the capabilities of the OKX Wallet and Web3 tech.

Tribeca Festival and Web3: A Perfect Intersection

According to co-founder and CEO Jane Rosenthal, the Tribeca Festival is “taking steps to integrate Web3 into everything we do,” thanks to its partnership with OKX. This alliance aims to provide creators, fans, and talent with new opportunities in the emerging fields of cryptocurrency, Web3, and the metaverse.

In the final touch of Web3 integration, OKX will launch the first Tribeca Festival NFT pass in 2023. This pass allows fans to get up close and personal with the festival, including access to an exclusive awards ceremony graced by Robert De Niro. It’s a case of watching this space for more Web3 innovations from OKX and the Tribeca Festival.


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