The Popular NFT Aggregator’s Premier Features is a widely used NFT aggregator that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. On Gem, you can explore, collect, and trade NFTs, as well as sweep collection floors across many marketplaces. It currently aggregates data from more than 170 NFT marketplaces, which can be viewed in full here.

Gem handles gas fees efficiently for batch purchases. 

NFT aggregators are gas-efficient alternatives to purchasing NFTs directly on marketplaces. They allow pro traders to buy multiple NFTs in a single transaction, which in turn, saves gas. 

At the time of writing, the trade volume on top NFT aggregators accounts for approximately 28% of total NFT trades, with Blur, Gem, Alpha Sharks, Uniswap, and Reservoir leading the NFT aggregator market.

Gem is particularly noteworthy for its average gas usage per number of NFTs in a single transaction, which is among the lowest in the industry.
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Top features of Gem

The aggregator supports ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs. You can pay with any ERC20 token on Gem. In addition, you can combine different token types in a single transaction, a handy feature if your wallet is missing enough Ethereum tokens. 

Moreover, users can mint NFTs directly on the platform. It allows filtering collections to explore immediately mintable collections or offer free and paid mints. Another notable feature is the safety mode, which protects against frontrunning and failing transactions. 

Sweep mode allows sweeping floors of any NFT collection. It just takes pressing one icon and entering the number of total items to benefit from the floor price for multiple assets simultaneously. After you swept the floor and/or bought multiple NFTs from different collections, you can use the batch transfer option to send all NFTs to another wallet at once. 

That being said, the aggregator will soon launch Gem V2. These features are being upgraded with the new version. 

About Gem V2

To begin with, Gem V2 introduces an advanced sweeping mode. While in the normal mode, the purchase of the total number of items demanded isn’t guaranteed, the advanced sweeping ensures it as long as the floor price remains within the maximum price per item specified at the time of placing the order. 

Furthermore, the second version comes with user interface customization options for optimizing the dashboard experience for collecting or trading purposes. 

Track your NFTs on Gem V2

A noteworthy upgrade is the Portfolio tool that helps users track and analyze the performance of their NFT holdings. At the moment, it’s possible to view the estimated value of the assets based on the floor price, the total cost spent on gas and purchasing, realized revenue, and estimated profits of the unsold NFTs. 

Additionally, Gem V2 offers the Watchlist, which is another NFT tracking tool and makes it easy for users to follow their favorite collections.

Additional Gem V2 features

Other upgrades available in Gem V2 include Key Binds, Instant Sell, and Gas Indicator. Key Binds are keyboard shortcuts for mass selecting NFTs, searching, and moving through collections, thereby speeding up the trading process.

The Instant Sell allows you to quickly sell your assets by providing an overview of the best offers available for your NFTs at a given time. You can instantly sell the assets by choosing the offers. 

The Gas Indicator enables monitoring the Ethereum network congestion. You can pay more gas fees in the future by presetting fast or turbo transactions to avoid missing mints from popular artists and collections. 

Experiment with Gem V2

The new Gem is currently in beta. Fill in the application form and follow Gem on Discord to join the waitlist. At present, active Discord members have priority, and the team accepts newcomers every two weeks, so you may need to wait a bit before getting access.


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