Reddit and Ubisoft: A Leap into Free Rabbid NFTs

Ubisoft’s Rabbids continue making their mark on the world of NFTs. In an exciting move for the gaming community, Ubisoft has partnered with Reddit to offer free Rabbid-themed NFT avatars for Reddit users.

These digital collectibles, available on Polygon, portray Rabbids in various outfits and poses. Among the designs are a somewhat disgruntled knight wielding a plunger and a cheerful unicorn rabbit equipped with a golden plunger. These unusual yet delightful weapons harken back to the early days of the Rabbids games.

A Look into Reddit’s NFT Ecosystem

This is not just a fun novelty for Reddit users; it signifies a significant development in the increasing adoption of NFTs by large gaming companies and social media platforms. When Reddit launched their “Snoo” NFT avatars in July 2022, users flocked to acquire them, leading to an impressive brand NFT launch. In fact, all “Plunger Rabbid” and “Unicorn Rabbid” avatars have already been claimed at the time of writing.

Source OpenSea

Inspired by Reddit’s humanoid alien mascot, Snoo NFTs have built a substantial market cap of over $330 million. Furthermore, Reddit has released over 13.5 million Polygon NFTs to date across more than 9.7 million unique wallets, with the majority being free gifts for Reddit users. Reddit’s NFTs have also generated over $32.6 million in total secondary sales volume across nearly 300,000 transactions.

Ubisoft’s Continued Foray into the Blockchain Space

This initiative highlights how Reddit and Ubisoft are championing digital ownership through NFTs. Despite criticism for its initial Tezos NFTs in the PC version of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Ubisoft is not backing down. The recent Assassin’s Creed “Smart Collectibles” launch with Integral Reality Labs (IRL) demonstrates the studio’s ongoing commitment to exploring the potential of blockchain technology.

Ubisoft’s involvement with blockchain and NFTs isn’t new; the Rabbids were part of a charity-oriented crypto token game for Unicef in 2020. Additionally, the Rabbids were the first Ubisoft game characters to receive the NFT treatment in The Sandbox.

The collaboration between Reddit and Ubisoft paves the way for further integration of NFTs within social media platforms, highlighting the evolving role of digital ownership in these spaces.


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