Shrapnel: Unveiling the Web3 FPS Set to Transform Gaming

As the yearly Game Developers Conference in San Francisco concluded recently, one game emerged as a standout among its peers. Shrapnel, an eagerly awaited first-person shooter in the Web3 realm, garnered considerable attention at the conference due to its impressive visuals and engaging gameplay.

In this post, we explore the world of Shrapnel, discussing its gameplay, player-created content, and the innovative use of NFTs that enable players to create, trade, earn rewards, and more.

What is Shrapnel?

Imagine a world where an asteroid collision with the moon has caused Earth to be bombarded by lunar meteorites, forming a treacherous 500-kilometer-wide Sacrifice Zone (The Zone), isolated from the rest of the planet. Welcome to Shrapnel, a groundbreaking blockchain-enabled first-person shooter game transforming the gaming industry.

Shrapnel is a cutting-edge blockchain-enabled first-person shooter game developed by NEON’s outstanding team of BAFTA and Emmy award-winning industry veterans.

The game provides a wide range of player-creation tools, skillfully combining combat, creativity, curation, and connection to create a thriving community where players steer the platform’s future with their collective vision.

Don Norbury is the Head of Studio for the game and has a proven track record in developing amazing games. For over 16 years, Don has been pushing creative limits across platforms and player experiences with iconic titles like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Bioshock, and Sunset Overdrive, as well as sports giants Madden NFL and NASCAR.

The game’s launch is on the horizon and it looks incredible:

What makes Shrapnel unique?

Shrapnel is a moddable AAA FPS game built entirely on the blockchain. It utilises advanced capabilities to give players shared ownership of the game and its direction. Blockchain technology enables an accessible system for generating real income through selling, trading, playing, winning, and creating. The introduction of the SHRAP token and a strong blockchain-driven game economy empowers gamers to earn rewards for their passion and commitment.

How does the game work?

In Shrapnel, players take on the role of Operators working for one of the MEFs, venturing into The Zone to locate and extract valuable resources. The Zone is filled with competing operators seeking the same treasures, resulting in a high-stakes competitive environment.

Before entering The Zone, players equip their Operators with gear (NFTs) suited to their preferred playstyle. The NFTs are dropped upon death, forcing players to evaluate their chances of victory in every decision.

Players can collect gear from defeated Operators and discover the mysterious Compound Sigma. After gathering loot, players must go to one of the fiercely contested extraction points, fighting for survival and the chance to escape with their hard-won spoils. In the form of NFTs, successfully extracted loot is added to the player’s persistent inventory and used in future game sessions.

The gameplay mechanics of Shrapnel create an engaging and dynamic experience. The innovative use of NFTs adds depth and strategy to the game, encouraging players to make well-thought-out decisions while navigating The Zone.

As players improve and refine their skills, they will be drawn deeper into the world of Shrapnel, where the stakes are high and the rewards even higher.

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What are the different game modes?

Shrapnel game modes not only offer challenges but also provide opportunities for players to earn valuable rewards and further enrich their gaming experience.

Player Created Tournaments

Player-created tournaments enable ambitious players to design and host their own tournaments within the game, setting the rules, establishing the terms, and promoting their events. These intense competitions will present a challenge for participants and reward both tournament creators and competitors with valuable prizes.

Player Missions

Another engaging game mode available in Shrapnel is player missions. Open to all players, these missions focus on goal-oriented objectives related to extraction gameplay, content creation, and marketplace participation. Players can earn SHRAP Token rewards by participating in these missions, further enriching their gaming experience.

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What are the different weapons and items?

Shrapnel offers a diverse range of weapons and items, including various weapon classes, armor with defensive and utility functions, single-use consumables, and advanced technology for enhanced gameplay interactions.


SHRAPNEL offers a variety of weapon classes, each with unique playstyle implications. Players can dismantle weapons to acquire parts, allowing them to craft customized weapons for sale on the SHRAPNEL Marketplace and secondary markets.


Armor in SHRAPNEL not only provides defensive bonuses but also includes utility functions. Players have the freedom to mix and match pieces from different sets to create their ideal loadout.


Advanced technology, including night-vision goggles and information-gathering devices, assists players without being consumed upon use. This high-tech equipment expands gameplay possibilities by introducing new ways of interacting with the map and planning battles.


Single-use items, like grenades and med kits, are non-tokenized, making them non-tradable between players. This design choice encourages players to strategize their looting priorities and usage of these items carefully.

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How do NFTs work in Shrapnel?

In Shrapnel, player-created content is central to the gaming experience. Using professional-grade creator tools built on the same Unreal technology that powers the game itself, players can quickly dive into creating their unique Shrapnel content. This content can then be minted into non-fungible tokens (NFTs), traded on the Shrapnel Marketplace, and earned rewards based on community popularity.

What are the benefits of owning Shrapnel NFTs?

Shrapnel’s creator tools enable the community to build a diverse library of NFTs for in-game use, sharing, and trading with other players. Promoting and discovering the best items and maps within this ever-growing collection are essential for nurturing a thriving creator ecosystem.

SHRAP staking enhances the discoverability of all player-created content, allowing anyone to stake their SHRAP tokens on vanity items and maps, increasing their visibility. As content flourishes, stakers, creators, and other stakeholders can earn SHRAP rewards based on the performance and success of the content.

What is the Shrapnel Economy?

The Shrapnel economy aims to foster a dynamic ecosystem where various personas can engage through gameplay, creation, ownership, and governance, each with special incentives. The interaction between these personas generates a virtuous cycle that promotes collaboration, discovery, and continuous economic growth as more participants join the ecosystem.

SHRAP, an ERC-20 token, will be deployed on the Avalanche network shortly after issuance. During the token genesis event (TGE), 3 billion SHRAP tokens will be created, establishing a fixed token supply that will never increase. This immutable supply ensures a stable foundation for the Shrapnel economy and its thriving community.


Shrapnel is about to revolutionise the gaming landscape with its blockchain-enabled first-person shooter experience. The game combines innovative gameplay mechanics, player-created content, and a robust economy built around the SHRAP token. This FPS immerses players in a high-stakes world where skill, strategy, and risk-taking are paramount. By harnessing the power of NFTs and the blockchain, Shrapnel is cultivating a vibrant community and a captivating gaming experience. This is definitely one to look out for.

NFTs in Shrapnel are used to represent player-created content. Players can create unique content using creator tools, mint it into NFTs, trade them on the marketplace, and earn rewards based on their popularity.

Shrapnel works by placing players in the role of Operators, who venture into a treacherous zone to locate and extract valuable resources. The game features complex mechanics, high-stakes competitive environments, and NFT-based gear, which create an engaging and dynamic experience.

Owning Shrapnel NFTs allows players to access a diverse library of in-game items, maps, and assets for use, sharing, and trading. Players can stake SHRAP tokens on NFTs, increasing their visibility and earning rewards based on the content’s performance.

Different game modes in Shrapnel include player-created tournaments, where players can design and host their own events, and player missions, which are goal-oriented objectives related to extraction gameplay, content creation, and marketplace participation.

Shrapnel offers various weapons, armor, consumables, and technology, each with unique playstyle implications. Weapons can be dismantled and customized, armor provides defense and utility, consumables are single-use items, and technology enhances gameplay interactions.

Shrapnel is a cutting-edge blockchain-enabled first-person shooter game, developed by a renowned team of industry veterans. It combines combat, creativity, curation, and connection to create a thriving community, with players steering the platform’s future using their collective vision and innovation.

The Shrapnel Economy is a dynamic ecosystem built around the SHRAP token, fostering engagement through gameplay, creation, ownership, and governance. It promotes collaboration, discovery, and continuous economic growth as more participants join the ecosystem.

Shrapnel is unique due to its integration of blockchain technology, enabling shared ownership of the game and its direction. It also allows players to generate real income through selling, trading, playing, winning, and creating, with a strong game economy built around the SHRAP token.


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