What to Expect from Shrapnel’s Early Access Launch

Shrapnel, the much-awaited Avalanche first-person shooter game, has finally arrived on the Epic Games Store for its early access debut. Titled “Shrapnel Training Exercises One” (STX1), this exclusive release is only accessible to those who have purchased the game’s “Extraction Pack” access keys.

Get a Sneak Peek at Shrapnel with STX1

With the early access launch, players will get to experience limited three-day play windows, each lasting approximately eight hours per day. This gives gamers a chance to try out the game before its official release and provide their feedback to help shape the final product.

To celebrate the early access launch, Shrapnel held a special session for press and influencers, giving them an exclusive first look at the game. The next STX1 session is scheduled from February 8 to February 10 and will feature $100,000 in SHRAP token prizes, adding an exciting element for participants.

Early Access Details

Approximately 3,000 keys have been sold for STX1, with prices ranging from $20 to $100. The price difference is based on the included features and perks, giving players the option to choose their preferred experience.

Although Shrapnel is set to become a free-to-play game in 2025, the current early access serves as a prelude and introductory phase for players. This allows them to get a feel of the game and provide feedback during its development process.

Mark Long, CEO of the game studio Neon, emphasizes the importance of community feedback in shaping Shrapnel. He believes that involving players in the development process is crucial for creating a high-quality AAA first-person shooter.

In October, Neon announced a successful $20 million Series A funding round, showcasing the high level of anticipation for Shrapnel’s release. However, in November, six Neon founders filed a lawsuit against the studio’s majority shareholder, accusing them of harming the company.

With the early access launch on Epic Games Store and exciting features such as SHRAP token prizes and community involvement, Shrapnel is already making waves in the gaming world. With its promising development and dedicated team, it’s only a matter of time before Shrapnel becomes a top contender in the first-person shooter genre. 


The launch of Shrapnel on the Epic Games Store for its early access debut is a highly anticipated event in the gaming community. With limited time windows, press and influencer sessions, and exciting features like SHRAP token prizes, Shrapnel offers players a chance to experience the game before its official release and have their voices heard during the development process. With Neon’s $20 million Series A funding round and the studio’s emphasis on community feedback, it’s clear that Shrapnel is set to become a major player in the first-person shooter genre. 


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