Huobi and Gala Games Form Alliance to Reshape Web3 Gaming

Huobi is teaming up with Gala Games to change how people play Web3 games.

Huobi and Gala Games will work together in many ways, such as investing in the best projects and helping each other grow. Gala Games lets game makers create games genuinely owned by the players. This means players can buy and sell genuine items within games. Game makers can’t change or remove these items without the players giving the go-ahead.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Gala Games provides a variety of play-to-earn and NFT games in different styles. Notable Gala-developed games include Spider Tanks and TownStar.

Gala Games has also worked with famous companies, like movie studio DreamWorks, TV networks AMC and NBCU, famous game makers Peter Molyneux and Will Wright, and musicians Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Kings of Leon, and BT.

Huobi’s Big Plan: Making Web3 Gaming Even Better 

An executive at Huobi talked about how important it is to make a worldwide Web3 system. To do this, they need robust technology, good plans, and help from other companies. 

The Huobi executive stated, “Building a global Web3 gateway is a crucial long-term goal that demands robust technology, sophisticated infrastructure, and vital ecosystem support. The partnership with Gala Games will accelerate this process. Integrating the Gala Layer-1 blockchain will improve the underlying on-chain technology.

Working with Gala Games will make this happen faster, and using Gala’s unique blockchain technology will make things even better. Projects that are part of Gala Games, like GameFi and NFT projects, will have an excellent example to follow. Huobi also wants to invest in and support the best ideas from Gala Games, giving more choices to its users.

Some of the top trending Gala games

A Better and Safer Future 

Jason “BitBender” Brink, who leads blockchain work at Gala Games, said working with Huobi is very significant. He said, “Integration of our layer 1 blockchain into popular exchanges like Huobi is absolutely crucial with the level of mass adoption we’re looking for. This partnership empowers tomorrow’s developers to create a more stable and secure Web3 future.” 

This partnership should help future game makers create a safer and more stable Web3 world for everyone.


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