A Comprehensive Guide to the Alien Worlds’ Metaverse

Alien Worlds is an play-to-earn game built on the WAX blockchain, which has captured the attention of gamers and blockchain enthusiasts alike. This metaverse features six distinctive worlds, each housing 500 player-owned land plots represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

This comprehensive guide will delve into the Alien Worlds Metaverse, discussing its key features, gameplay strategies, and how you can begin your thrilling adventure in this captivating metaverse.

Gameplay: Mining, Land Ownership, and Syndicates

At its core, Alien Worlds revolves around mining Trilium tokens (TLM) using various tools, such as shovels, on player-owned land plots. As players mine, they also accumulate NFT points that can be exchanged for a rotating selection of NFTs, including land plots, tools, minions, avatars, and weapons. These NFTs live on the WAX blockchain and play a crucial role in the game’s ecosystem.

Land ownership in Alien Worlds allows players to earn passive income from the Trilium mined on their land plots. Landowners receive a portion of the Trilium mined on their land, as well as a daily lump sum of Trilium. Landowners must pay maintenance costs using TLM tokens to maintain their daily payouts. This system encourages active landowners to utilize their land plots rather than merely holding onto them.

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Additionally, players can become part of Syndicates, which are player-run, planetary governments that submit and vote on proposals to enhance the Alien Worlds ecosystem on their respective planets. Each planet has its own Syndicate, with councilors elected every week. Players who stake Trilium on a specific planet become citizens of that planet, gaining voting rights proportional to the amount of TLM staked.

Earning Trilium: Powering the Alien Worlds Metaverse

Three primary methods to earn Trilium in Alien Worlds are mining on land plots, earning passive income from land ownership, and participating in a gamified staking system. 

Trilium tokens play a central role in the Alien Worlds universe, as they can be used to upgrade NFTs, participate in Syndicate elections, and stake on various planets.

Mining on land plots requires players to equip mining tools and select a suitable land plot to mine. The amount of Trilium mined, and the frequency of mining depends on the mining tool’s multiplier and charge time, as well as the land plot’s specific attributes. Players should research land plots and potential planetary bonuses that reward higher NFT ratings for maximizing earnings.

Passive land ownership income comes from the Trilium mined on the land and the daily lump sum payouts. By adjusting the mining fees on their land and actively maintaining their land plots, landowners can optimize their Trilium income.

Lastly, Trilium owners can stake their tokens in Missions on the Binance Smart Chain, earning more Trilium and special NFTs as rewards. Depending on the mission’s rarity, participants must lock up their Trilium tokens for varying durations. The rarer the mission, the longer the lockup period, and the higher the potential rewards.

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Getting Started on Your Adventure

Starting your journey in Alien Worlds is free, and all you need is a WAX wallet. Upon creating an account, new players receive a complimentary shovel to begin mining immediately. However, to maximize earnings and make the most of Alien Worlds’ features, players may want to invest in Trilium tokens.

Mastering Alien Worlds: Strategies and Tips for Success

Success in Alien Worlds comes down to efficient mining, strategic land ownership, and savvy staking decisions. Here are some essential tips to help you make the most of your Alien Worlds experience:

  1. Research and invest in better mining tools: Upgrading your mining tools can significantly boost your Trilium mining efficiency. Invest in tools with higher mining multipliers and charge times that suit your play style.
  2. Find land plots with bonuses: Many landowners offer additional rewards for mining on their land plots. Keep an eye on the Land Promotion chat on the official Discord server or the Community Page for special opportunities.
  3. Participate in Syndicates: Engage with the community and become part of a planetary Syndicate. Run for a council position or contribute to the voting process to help shape the future of your chosen planet.
  4. Optimize your staking strategy: When participating in Missions on the Binance Smart Chain, consider the fees, lockup periods, and potential returns. It may be more advantageous to stake larger amounts of TLM in fewer Missions rather than spreading your tokens across multiple Missions with lower returns.
Guide to Alien Worlds
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Galactic Hubs and Player-DAO Syndicates

Alien Worlds has been steadily growing its metaverse, with developments like the Galactic Hubs grants program and implementing player-DAO Syndicates. These initiatives encourage external development within the Alien Worlds ecosystem, fostering a thriving community and creating exciting opportunities for players to engage with.

While the basic mining gameplay in Alien Worlds may seem simplistic, the game offers many additional features and strategies for players to explore. Alien Worlds provides an immersive gaming experience for casual and dedicated players, from land ownership and Syndicate involvement to proposal submissions and staking.


The Alien Worlds metaverse presents a unique and engaging play-to-earn experience built on the WAX blockchain. With its focus on mining, land ownership, and planetary governance, Alien Worlds offers gamers and blockchain enthusiasts a thrilling adventure. 

As the metaverse continues to expand and develop, players can look forward to even more exciting gameplay opportunities and community involvement. So gear up, equip your mining tools, and embark on your exhilarating journey through the Alien Worlds universe!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start playing Alien Worlds?

To begin playing Alien Worlds, you will need a WAX wallet. Once you have a wallet, create an account on the Alien Worlds website, and you can start mining immediately using the free shovel provided to all new players.

What is the primary goal of Alien Worlds?

The primary goal in Alien Worlds is to mine and earn Trilium (TLM), the in-game currency. Players can also participate in planetary governance through Syndicates and land ownership, and engage in play-to-earn strategies.

How do I earn Trilium in Alien Worlds?

There are three main ways to earn Trilium in Alien Worlds: mining on land plots using tools, passive income from owning land, and participating in a game-ified staking system on Binance Smart Chain.

What are the different types of NFTs in Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds features various NFTs, including Land Plots, Tools, Minions, Avatars, and Weapons. All game NFTs reside on the WAX blockchain.

Can I earn real-world money by playing Alien Worlds?

Yes, you can potentially earn real-world money in Alien Worlds by converting the in-game currency, Trilium (TLM), into cryptocurrencies like WAX, Ethereum, or Binance Coin, and then converting them to fiat currency. However, it’s important to note that earnings may vary depending on various factors, such as your mining efficiency, land ownership, and staking strategies.


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