Portal Fantasy Announces Next Closed Beta Launch on Polygon

Portal Fantasy – a free-to-play RPG where pixel art graphics and heart-pumping adventure collides – is expanding its reach through new blockchain integrations. Those with a beta pass will be among the first to experience the magic of Portal Fantasy with the upcoming closed beta release on Avalanche. Fans can also get ready to embark on a new journey when it launches on the Polygon network on April 11. 

As a player of Portal Fantasy, you have the freedom to choose your own path. Will you be a Hero, exploring magical worlds and taking on quests? Or will you be an Architect, creating fantastic new worlds for other players to explore? The game depicts an epic story arc and centers on Porbles – the mystical creatures the players can encounter in the Portal Fantasy worlds to befriend, train and fight along with them in battles. 

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Why Polygon?

Polygon is home to top blockchain games for a variety of compelling reasons. First, transactions are very fast, and fees are low. The batch transactions ability, in particular, enables a cost-effective and frictionless experience for players. Second, Polygon is carbon-neutral, allowing for eco-friendly practices. In addition, it’s a secure and scalable network – an ideal choice for gaming projects that aim to grow their audience. 

How to get a beta pass for the upcoming Avalanche and Polygon launches

The closed beta is open to beta pass owners. The team runs community challenges (#BetaPassChallenge) to distribute these exclusive NFT entry tickets. To enter the giveaways, follow Portal Fantasy on Twitter, like, comment, and retweet.

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Another way to acquire a Portal Fantasy beta pass is to be an active community member in the game’s Discord channel. Other methods include joining the Content Creator Program (TBA) or the Partner Program (TBA). Another option is to complete quests on the Crew3 platform. Crew3 is a tool to grow Web3 communities; by joining quests published on the dashboard of the Portal Fantasy, you can collect experience points. The type of quests range from daily check-ins and sharing tweets to writing articles and creating videos about the game. Community members can even suggest their own quests using the platform. 

One active quest is playing Portal Kombat– a minigame taking place in the deadly arena of the Underpine, where gamers push Baddies into various traps trying to escape from death. Once players complete all three rounds required by the gameplay, they can submit their 7-digit Crew3 code to claim XP at the end of the game.  

Users will get their beta passes for the Avalanche network on March 24 and on April 10 for the Polygon network via airdrops. 

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What awaits the fans of the Portal Fantasy 

The blockchain game project is currently in its second phase, which involves game development, beta pass distributions, closed beta launch, and the development of a beta analytics platform that collects data on player interaction, token emissions, and NFT sustainability. 

Phase 3 foresees the launch of the full game release and the analytics platform. The economy of the pixel adventure RPG game will revolve around the Portal Fantasy Token (PFT), which will also launch in phase 3. PFT owners will be able to join an exclusive membership club by locking up some of their tokens. The membership will grant them additional incentives. Another use of PFT will be to purchase and upgrade in-game assets. There’ll be a fixed supply of 1 billion PFTs. 

In phase 4, the team intends to integrate the Architects into the gameplay, release a mobile app, add new features to Heroes, and extend the worldwide reach to more than ten languages. The PvP game modes, additional Architect features, and tournaments will be implemented in phase 5.

For more info about the game, check out Portal Fantasy’s Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.


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