Portal Fantasy to Launch Closed Beta on Avalanche this Magical March

Portal Fantasy, a game where the fun comes first, is launching its Closed Beta on the high-speed and scalable Avalanche blockchain network.

In a world of magic, adventure, and Porbles, Portal Fantasy remains firm in its commitment to creating an exciting and immersive world accessible to all. The next step on its journey to achieve these goals is the launch of its Closed Beta on the Avalanche blockchain on March 28th, 2023. 

Portal Fantasy, is a free-to-play pixel adventure RPG that allows players to take on two unique roles: Heroes and Architects. As a Hero, players can befriend and raise Porbles to explore new worlds, while Architects can create and design their own worlds for other players to encounter.

Credit Portal Fantasy

What’s more, players who choose to take on the role of Architect can create and design worlds that other players can encounter on their own journey through the game.

Portal Fantasy and Avalanche – The Perfect Partnership

Avalanche is a cutting-edge blockchain platform that offers exceptional scalability and speedy confirmation times. Portal Fantasy believes it’s the perfect network to bring its game to life. 

Along with Avalanche’s impressive technological features, Portal Fantasy is truly excited about the Avalanche community. 

According to Portal Fantasy, “From the developers to the gamers to the investors, everyone we’ve met at Avalanche has been passionate about innovation, technology, and most importantly — games. And our friends at Ava Labs have been with us every step of the way, supporting us through thick and thin”.

The Game’s Progress So Far

Portal Fantasy’s road map showcases 5 exciting phases. As they enter phase 2, let’s look at what the immersive adventure game has achieved so far and what Porble fans can expect in Phase 2.

Phase 1

During Phase 1, Portal Fantasy accomplished a multitude of tasks. These include fundraising, game development, playtesting, launching the website and documentation, and creating the exciting Mini-game Portal Kombat. What the game’s team has achieved in Phase 1 sets them up perfectly for Phase 2 – the launch of Closed Beta on Avalanche. 

Portal Kombat

Phase 2

Phase 2 in the road map has seen Portal Fantasy conducting Community Beta Pass Challenges to offer players an exclusive opportunity to gain entry to the Closed Beta Hero launch, which is scheduled for release later this month.

Moreover, the team is currently developing a real-time analytics platform to collect important data on player interactions, token emissions, NFT sustainability, and other relevant metrics.

Airdrops of Beta Passes will take place on March 24th for players on the Avalanche network. To obtain a Beta Pass, be sure to participate in the Beta Pass Challenges to secure your exclusive entry ticket.

A future filled with magic and adventure

Portal Fantasy’s game plan for gameplay and more is sure to fill fans with anticipation but what can they expect? 

The answer – a lot! Following the launch of the Closed Beta, phase 3 sees plans to launch the PFT token and release the complete Hero game on Avalanche. They will also introduce the Portal Fantasy marketplace for Porbles, Heroes, and in-game items, along with launching the analytics platform and providing LiveOps support. 

Further down the road, we can expect to see mobile apps, international and hero expansions and much more. 

Portal Fantasy’s journey of magic and adventure is just getting started and the Closed Beta Launch on Avalanche is another positive step for the game and the blockchain gaming space. So if want in, grab your your Porbles and join Portal Fantasy on this epic adventure.

For more info about the game, check out Portal Fantasy’s Twitter, Discord, and Telegram


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