eSports Platform Moxy Launches $100K Beta Challenge

Moxy, a blockchain-powered eSports gaming marketplace, has launched its “eSports for ALL” Beta Challenge. The challenge invites gamers to compete in eSports-style gaming for a prize pool containing Moxy tokens, collectibles, and $100,000 in cash.

For Moxy, the exciting Beta Challenge is a critical milestone in their road map. Through the challenge, the eSports platform aims to thoroughly stress-test its various components while at the same time onboarding eSports fanatics from around the world. 

Moxy is a platform which allows players to access multiplayer gameplay on-demand. Using blockchain technology, Moxy aims to guarantee secure transactions and safeguard them from fraudulence or hacking. And with a global gaming token accessible to every player, this platform is designed for competitive gameplay for the masses.

The Moxy Beta Challenge

The Beta Challenge sees gamers competing against each other to accrue points and progress over four ‘seasons’. Those at the top of the Moxy leaderboard at the end of the fourth season can expect the coveted prizes, including cash (in USDC), Moxy’s native tokens, and Moxy collectibles.

The total pot for cash prizes is $100,000, however, the value for each prize level will not be revealed until the official launch of the Moxy platform. The cash prizes do not include the Moxy tokens and collectibles.

How to Join Moxy’s Beta Challenge

To participate in the Beta Challenge, first, you need to do is sign up and create a Moxy account and complete KYC. After that, players will receive 1,000 MOXY testnet tokens which will enable them to compete in the challenge and face-off against other like-minded eSports fans. 

Furthermore, players have the opportunity to gain an additional 50 MOXY tokens for every referred player who finishes both the signup and KYC processes! In order to partake in the Challenge, all players must be at least 21 years of age.

Blockchain-Powered eSports Accessible for All

Competitive eSports is a massive industry, one Moxy says is still mainly reserved for elite gamers who compete at mainly invite-only events. Last year, the enormously successful multiplayer online battle arena game Dota 2 had an impressive prize pool of $32.85 million. According to Technavio’s analysis, the industry will continue to expand and reach a staggering value of $3.5 billion between 2022-2027. 

Moxy’s goal is to make this fast-growing and lucrative industry accessible to everyday gamers. The Beta Challenge is the first step in making this happen. With Moxy, game developers can take their titles to the next level by designing a version of their game specifically for eSports. Subsequently, gamers have access to an all-in-one destination where they can not only purchase these enhanced versions but also play them.

As the world continues to innovate through blockchain technology, Moxy is among those leading the charge by revolutionizing esports. With their cutting-edge use of this innovative tech, Moxy seeks to enhance casual gamers’ transition into competitive gaming more quickly and reliably than ever!


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