Bulls and Apes Project Launches Dynamic NFTs

The project is starting a new phase, which adds meaning and value to its NFTs in the form of self expression.

The Bulls and Apes Project is building in style. Following a successful Genesis NFT launch in May 2022, the project, built on Ethereum, is now unleashing 10,000 Apes upon its burgeoning ecosystem. 

Ape NFTs are unique because they’re dynamic. Dynamic NFTs are interactive and allow collectors to express themselves and personalize their Ape’s body, hairstyle, facial expressions, clothing, and gear.

You don’t have to settle for the same old look—you can change it up whenever you want!

Bulls and Apes Project CEO Anthony Mongiello told NFT News Today: “With our dynamic NFTs, we asked ourselves: how can we give more power and control to digital identity? With our digital identity, we think we own it, but we don’t, the platform you’re using usually does.” 

“What if you could build your own digital identity? Soon, over 1,000 different traits and over 1 trillion different combinations will be available for you to customize your dynamic PFP NFTs.”

With true ownership of your NFT, you have the option to trade your Ape and its traits on the secondary market when you’re ready for something new. Traits can be traded and purchased by harvesting $METH, their in-universe token.

Credit Bulls and Apes Project

Bulls and Apes Lore

From the beginning, a strong element of lore was ingrained into the Bulls and Apes culture. The seventh chapter will soon be released on their Youtube channel. You can follow the lore there and stay updated on the latest developments in the Bulls and Apes Project universe.

In each chapter of the lore, you will learn about the Bulls and Apes ecosystem and how they integrate together. In addition, the lore is community inspired, with some of its aspects directly influenced by community members.  

The Bulls and Apes project is designing its ecosystem with a strong entrepreneurial spirit in mind. As a Bulls and Apes NFT holder, you have the opportunity to play a game of financial strategy. Moreover, the game is designed to teach you about making passive income through your assets. 

CEO Anthony Mongiello added: “We designed our tokenomics to teach our holders valuable financial strategies. The strategies that you employ are strategies that you can use to build wealth outside of our tokenomics as well.”

“We designed our tokenomics to encourage accumulating assets and using assets that work for you – it’s an own-to-earn model. Just by holding one of our bulls, you are able to generate $METH (Methane). With Methane you’re able to generate additional assets, so that one bull generates tokens which generates assets – teaching you valuable financial strategies that you can use in the Bulls and Apes project, as well as the rest of your life.”

Credit Bulls and Apes Project

Pioneers In the Space

Delivering on promises and transforming the industry is entrenched in the Bulls and Apes’ mindset. From the beginning, every founder was fully transparent about their real identity (doxxed). Thus far, the project has delivered a series of unprecedented surprises for its community, aimed at building trust. For instance, the project introduced a six-month ETH back guarantee for its genesis collection of Bulls. 

In total, 15 Bulls were returned from the collection of 10,500 Bulls, which illustrates the trust that the project has garnered in its community. 

Additionally, the project’s lore has developed consistently, and serves to build excitement for future developments. The Bulls and Apes Project has curated 21 venture capital deals for its Inner Circle community members. Each deal is thoughtfully chosen and vetted by their founders before being shared with the Inner Circle. Some of the most notable opportunities include OpenSea and SpaceX.

One of the most exciting and revolutionary aspects of the project is its Community Tokenization. This means that if you own an NFT from another project, you can claim $METH (Methane), which is the native currency of the Bulls and Apes ecosystem. 

This reflects a growth mindset adopted by the Bulls and Apes Project, which sees the benefits of NFT projects working together to build the space. Thus far, the project has incorporated 146 NFT projects into its Community Tokenization. 

CEO Anthony Mongiello added: “We are firm believers in ‘don’t fight over a slice, grow the pie’. It is very early in the NFT space and we should build and grow this space together.”

Mongiello told NFT News Today that the project is currently working on ways for its holders to leverage the IP of their NFTs, and a trading card game. 

For now, holders can enjoy personalizing their dynamic PFP NFTs in ‘The Configurator’, which allows Ape owners to express their identity in a highly refined system of customization. 


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