Orange Comet & AMC Release Mayfair Witches Passes, the Next Phase of the Immortal Universe, Minting March 7

Orange Comet and AMC will release the next collection in Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe with the official Mayfair Witches Pass, minting March 7 @ 11am PT / 2pm ET on OpenSea. The established partnership between the network and NFT studio continues to grow and enhance Rice’s darkly complex world of vampires, witches and all things supernatural, marking the beginning of a new ‘collect to earn’ journey within the wickedly witchy web3 world. 

The Mayfair Witches Pass is the key to enter Anne Rice’s virtual Immortal Universe, a community of conjurers, spiritualists, the undead, and other darkly beings who are open-minded, empowered, and hungry to share, learn, and support each other. The rich, welcoming community of Mayfair Witches celebrates uniqueness and individuality.

Mayfair Witches Pass Rarities & Utilities

Welcome to Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe, filled with gifted spiritualists, supernatural beings and all things otherworldly. Mayfair Witches Pass NFTs are the next stop, minting March 7 at 11amPT/2pm ET on OpenSea for 0.033 ETH. 

Credit Orange Comet

Each Pass will reveal a work of art, as well as one of three rarities (outlined below), granting the pass holder mysterious powers and access to exclusive members-only benefits like access to the collect-to-earn Immortal Universe, a chance to receive signed scripts and other merchandise from the show, special guest Discord appearances by tarot card readers, psychics, etc., virtual Witching Wine Hour events, real-life trips to filming locations, giveaways, future mint access, and more.

Mayfair Witches Passes Rarities:

  1. DESIGNATED (10%)
  2. POWERFUL (20%)
  3. GIFTED (70%)

Mayfair Witches Pass utilities for the 6,667 NFTs are as follows: 

  • A chance to receive signed Mayfair Witches Scripts and other autographed items from the show
  • Special guests will be invited to join an exclusive Discord, which includes tarot readers, fortune tellers, astrologers, inspirational thought leaders, and other mystics. 
  • Scheduled “Witching Wine Hours,” where the community can connect virtually to empower each other (first one to take place March 2023)
  • A chance to receive a trip to Mayfair Witches filming locations and other supernatural locations
  • A chance to receive giveaways of spellbox gifts containing lotions, potions, and tinctures
  • A chance to receive a Limited Edition Physical Commemorative Item
  • Access to Mayfair Witches NFTs Free Airdrops 
  • Access to Mayfair Witches Exclusive Limited Edition Mints 

Only one super special NFT Pass will be revealed as a 1:1 with ultra-exclusive utilities. The lucky recipient of this pass will receive a visit to the set of Mayfair Witches in New Orleans, a signed script, a replica of the actual prop key from the series, plus Interview with the Vampire Immortal NFT Pass, The Walking Dead NFT package, and a Corrupted Bot NFT from Orange Comet’s upcoming first Original Project.

Orange Comet and AMC plan to continue their expansion of the Immortal Universe after the March 7 mint, so fans and NFT lovers can dive deeper than ever into the magical secret circle of the Mayfair Witches, the vampire lairs of Interview with a Vampire, and beyond.

The Mayfair Witches Pass mint date is March 7th, 2023 at 11am PT/2pm ET on OpenSea. To join the digital coven and to explore the collection, click HERE


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