Animoca Brands’ The Sandbox Acquires Sviper Game Studio

The Sandbox is expanding to Germany with the acquisition of game development studio Sviper. 

The studio, based in Hamburg, Germany, will focus on adding new social features, new multiplayer gameplay options, and new Game Maker possibilities. 

Sebastien Borget, COO of The Sandbox, said: “The Sandbox’s German team is a creative powerhouse that is already advancing the gameplay possibilities available to our internal teams and The Sandbox creators at large.”

“From adding social features to designing rules creators can use to prototype game logic to implementing powerful multiplayer features, our Hamburg team is supercharging the metaverse’s creative potential.”

Credit The Sandbox

Developing The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a blockchain gaming company owned by Animoca Brands. Indeed, the virtual world has high-profile residents and land owners like Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake and Orlando Bloom to name a few. Inside The Sandbox, you can build gaming experiences for other residents to come and enjoy. Hence, Sviper will bring to the Sandbox its senior-level development, engineering, and creative talent. 

Arthur Madrid, CEO of The Sandbox, said in a statement: “We’ve built a high level of trust with The Sandbox Germany team as they’ve demonstrated tremendous innovation and quality by both working with major partners and ideating on new gameplay concepts.”

Some of the Sviper Team

Sviper is ready for expansion

Currently,  Sviper’s team has 40 members based in the Hamburg office. Furthermore, they will be adding to their roster and are hiring for multiple new positions now. The company boasts a leadership team with over 25 years of experience working with well-known brands in mobile, PC, and multiplayer gaming. 

Sviper CEO Ole Schaper said: “We are thrilled to join The Sandbox and contribute to the creation of a cutting-edge virtual world that combines gaming, creativity, and community.”

“We believe that The Sandbox has enormous potential and we look forward to working with the team to bring this vision to life.”

The Sandbox is building momentum as it continues to work with high-profile partners like Warner Music Group, Atari, and The Walking Dead. 

Investors believe in the future of the metaverse, as a world of social interaction and engaging experiences. 

Following this major acquisition of Sviper, we can expect to see some interesting developments and innovations in the Sandbox in due course. 


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