Immutable X Joins Forces With Mineloader To Develop Guild Of Guardians

ImmutableX has announced a partnership with Mineloader, one of the leading Web2 game development studios. Together, they aim to bring forth the much anticipated Web3 RPG game, Guild of Guardians.

Mineloader doesn’t require an introduction to gaming fans, as it’s the studio behind some top AAA titles such as Final Fantasy VII Remake and The Division 2. Additionally, it’s the name behind the highly rated The Last of Us Part 1, an action-adventure title. Over the past 20 years, the studio has collaborated with top names in the gaming world to develop awesome Web2 games. These include Ubisoft, EA Sports, Square Enix, and many more.

For Guild of Guardians, Mineloader will use its Web2 expertise to enhance the title’s core gameplay experience. On the other hand, ImmutableX will focus on the Web3 aspects of the game to improve components such as sustainability and the game economy.

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Guild Of Guardians Is One Of The Highly Anticipated Blockchain Games Of 2023

Commenting on the collaboration, Justin Hulog, Chief Studio Officer at Immutable Games, notes, “We are obsessed with creating a web3 game that is fun to play, which means we are unwavering in our commitment to quality and high standards at Immutable Games.”

He continuous;

“By working with a development partner that provides such an incredible depth of experience and a portfolio of high-quality games, we are confident that we will be able to deliver an amazing mobile gaming experience that Guild of Guardians and the gaming community deserves.”

This collaboration is the first step in a multi-year strategy to manage production expectations. The goal is to launch the RPG mobile game by the end of the year. So far, over 1 million players have pre-registered for this upcoming game. This makes Guild of Guardians one of the most anticipated Web3 games of 2023, considering the number of partnerships involved to bring it to life.


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