World’s Biggest Demo Drop in The Sandbox

The Sandbox is joining forces with Warner Music Group to host the World’s Biggest Demo Drop (WBDD). The WBDD is a world renowned DJ competition organised by Spinnin’ Records.

The Sandbox is continuing its great start to the year, as the World’s Biggest Demo Drop (WBDD) takes place live in the metaverse. Right now in The Sandbox, you can witness DJs from around the globe submitting their best demos for the opportunity to win an official release on Spinnin’ Records.

What is more, you can experience one of the world’s premier DJ talent competitions in an immersive 3D environment. This extension of the IRL event, which took place in Amsterdam, runs until February 8th 2023.

The World’s Biggest Demo Drop

After 20 years, Spinnin’ Records’ WBDD is still going stronger than ever. Now, the WBDD is leveraging Web3 tools to create more excitement and value than ever before.

For the first time, tracks from this year’s winners will not only be released on Spinnin’ Records but will also become NFT products with LGND Music. Consequently, this will enable a new dimension of digital distribution for the competition’s winners.

The event is open for all and features music from each of the winning DJs. Additionally, the event features a virtual appearance by each DJ as an NPC (non-playable character) that players can interact with.

Therefore, grab your dancing shoes because it’s time to party in the metaverse!

DJ Tiësto in the house

This year, the legendary DJ Tiësto is an official jury member at the WBDD. In addition, the Dutch DJ, record producer, musician, and remixer Mike Williams, is the event’s official ambassador.

As a virtual extension of the real WBDD competition at the Amsterdam Dance Event, The Sandbox is showing the full capabilities of the metaverse.

In summary, for those who missed the event in Amsterdam, head down to The Sandbox and experience the music and the DJs in the metaverse.

Win prizes in The Sandbox!

According to the official announcement, you can complete quests to win big prizes during the metaverse event. For example, complete 80% of the quests and you can win 1 memorabilia. Additionally, you can share a 50k SAND reward pool with other winners.

Remember, the event runs until February 8th, so you have one more week to party and win prizes!


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