Emmy-winning Baobab Studios Launches An Ethereum NFT Collection

Baobab Studios, which is backed by Disney and has won nine Emmy Awards for various short films and virtual reality (VR) experiences, has launched an NFT collection based on Ethereum. This is according to an official statement made on Thursday. The studio has opted to explore Web3 to discover how NFTs can engage users and enhance storytelling experiences.

The Web3 project is dubbed Momoguro, a family-friendly project that will feature NFTs and an NFT roleplaying game (RPG). According to the project’s website, Momoguro is a colorful fantasy world where creatures known as “Momos” will be fused to create hybrid characters. It was created by Martin Allais, a multimedia director and animator, with the help of Nico Cassavecchia, who doubles as a writer and director. That said, the RPG game will allow players to go on quests across its Metaverse, dubbed “Uno Plane,” to fuse Momos.

The minting of genesis NFTs kicked off late yesterday and sold out in a few hours. The NFTs were going for 0.22 ETH per piece, or about $365 at the time. At their core, they are “Holoselves” that players can adopt and later enjoy in the Uno Plane universe.

As for the Momoguro RPG, it will launch in the second quarter of this year. It will be based on ImmutableX and will include NFTs as a core game feature.


Baobab Studios Hopes To Strike A Deeper Connection With Audiences Using NFTs

Commenting on the decision to explore various possibilities on Web3, Maureen Fan, co-founder and CEO of Baobab Studios, notes, “We believe stories transcend mediums.” Thus, the studio’s “mission is to inspire you to dream and bring out your sense of wonder. Make YOU matter. This begins by creating great characters and stories, like Momoguro, where you can be part of the story.” 

She goes on to add that “we aspire to bring the Momoguro IP to as many channels, streaming platforms, and widespread media as possible.”

By jumping on the NFT bandwagon, Baobab Studios follows in the footsteps of other Hollywood studios such as Warner Bros., Lionsgate, Netflix, and Paramount which have experimented with non-fungible tokens.


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