Fox’s NFT TV Show ‘Krapopolis’ Will Launch in Q4 2023

The Fox animated series Krapopolis, which features a family of deities, monsters, and humans working together to manage an ancient city looks like it might finally be ready to launch.

Despite numerous postponements of its release, Fox remains committed to the series and its corresponding NFT marketplace. And interestingly, it now looks like Fox has already greenlit Krapopolis for a third season in advance of its planned premiere date, expected sometime later this year.

Initially, Fox had planned to air a brief preview of Krapopolis in November of 2022, but these plans were subsequently scrapped, and the series was pushed back to May of 2023. However, the network is now aiming to launch the series, which was created by Dan Harmon for Fox, during football season in the hopes of targeting the big football crowd.

2023/24 the ‘perfect launching pad’

Michael Thorn, Fox’s head of scripted programming, expressed great confidence in Krapopolis, characterizing the series as a major hit among his colleagues.

“The 2023-24 season is the perfect launching pad for this highly anticipated and very funny animated comedy, complete with multiple seasons of epic laughs for fans,” Thorn remarked.

“The more we see from production, the more excited we are about their creativity, story arcs, flawless execution, brilliant voice cast, and ability to pump out episode after episode of astonishing events and outrageous, unexpected hilarity.”

Krap Chicken NFTs

Krapopolis Krap Chickens NFTs

In addition to the show itself, Fox’s Blockchain Creative Labs will launch an NFT-based store for purchasing digital goods. The production team has already started selling NFTs, beginning with the Krap Chickens. As per OpenSea, the project has generated sales of 418 ETH (equivalent to approximately $650,000) thus far.

These NFTs launched in August last year, and will eventually feature in the upcoming show. Owners of the Krap Chickens NFTs will enjoy various perks such as token-gated merchandise, exclusive access to content, private Discord channels, meet-and-greets, giveaways, and the ability to vote on in-show details.

And, according to Krapopolis’ FAQ section, Krap Chickens NFTs are expected to “lay eggs” on a daily basis, in the form of NFTs. And while we don’t know much more than this, it’s clear that owning a Krap Chicken should lay roost to owning many more.

We Wait with Baited Breathe

Given that Fox has suspended the launch of Krapopolis a few times, much of the early interest in the show has dissipated. But of course, Fox believes in the project and wants to time it just right, again.

The company has been relatively tight-lipped about Krapopolis and its accompanying NFT ecosystem, it remains unclear how much interest there really is in the series or the NFT marketplace surrounding it.

The Krap Chickens haven’t exactly been a roaring success, but the same could be said for anything in the crypto space.

Only time will tell if the network’s investment in Krapopolis pays off as they hope, or if the series and its associated NFTs fail to generate significant interest among viewers.


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