Unity Adds Web3 Developer Tools To Accelerate Blockchain Gaming Development

Blockchain gaming development may have slowed down over the past year, but things are about to change. This is after Unity added 13 Web3 developer tools designed to aid builders in the blockchain space. The integrations can be found on the Unity Asset Store, the gaming giant’s online store, where developers can purchase and download them to integrate in their games.

Web3 developers will be able to download the SDKs and APIs from leading blockchain solutions providers that are listed on the Unity Asset Store. These include the likes of MetaMask, Algorand, ImmutableX, and many others.

Experts within Web3 believe this move will spark an influx of game developers into the space. Simon Kertonegoro, CEO of MyMetaverse, is one of those who shares this sentiment. Speaking to the press, he notes that “everyone in gaming respects Unity, they’re the people’s champ.”

A spokesperson for Altura, one of the service providers listed, also sees this decision as making decentralized gaming more accessible to its massive audience. This goes for both players and developers.

Immutable X in the Unity Asset Store

Unity Web3 Tools Will Bring Back Blockchain Game Developers

The gaming world has bought into the hype of Web3 as decentralization allows players to own in-game assets—this way they can create, earn and obtain resources that can be traded and sold elsewhere.

Web3 developers are leveraging smart contracts, virtual wallets, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies to facilitate decentralization in video games.

The tools add to Unity’s existing features that are designed to make blockchain game development efficient. The Unity game engine already exists, which developers can use to create 3D environments for various platforms. These include desktop, mobile, and console devices.

Kertonegoro believes the latest move is historic given Unity’s standing within the gaming world. Having launched in 2004, the platform is one of the biggest in the gaming space and is well respected.

“It’s one of the biggest players in gaming, and for them to show such clear and strong solidarity with the Web3 movement is a truly inspiring moment and a historic move for GameFi.”

And for the developers that had run out of space, now “Web3 is ready to welcome them with open arms.”


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