New Retro Metaverse Game Raises 10M 

Worldwide Webb is starting to take off, and now has the funding to expand.

Worldwide Webb is making waves in the Web3 gaming industry. The MMORPG game is gathering serious momentum after announcing a 10M funding round led by Pantera Capital.

The Ethereum-based game is unique in its approach, and allows you to explore its world with your own NFT avatar. Indeed, the browser-based PC game has an old-school, Super Nintendo look, but Worldwide Webb is promising to innovate the Web3 space.

The game announced on its Twitter: “We plan to invest heavily in recruitment, so that we can build a world-class team capable of delivering the most exciting & innovative metaverse project on the market. By assembling the best of the best, we’re confident we can create an experience unlike anything you’ve seen.”

Surging demand

As with all metaverse games, you can buy land in Worldwide Webb. At present, Webb Land is skyrocketing in value, with its floor price currently at 0.412ETH or $678.05. In total, there are 9508 Webb Land NFTs ranging in value. Just days ago, a Webb Land Penthouse was bought for 70ETH, or $115k.

Worldwide Webb is built around NFTs, which are your in-game avatars and also the land that you buy. Moreover, your NFT is like your deed of ownership. Indeed, with that ownership, you can speculate on the NFT’s future value, and trade or sell the land to other players. In some metaverse games, you can even rent the land to other players, earning passive income in the process.

Credit Worldwide Webb

A new contender

Worldwide Webb is the latest metaverse project, which is attempting to create a highly immersive experience driven by NFTs. However, unlike other metaverse projects, it appears that Worldwide Webb will be the first in the space to support thousands of NFT collections. For instance, if you own a Cool Cats NFT or a CryptoPunk, you can connect an Ethereum wallet, and roam around the Worldwide Webb with your NFT in 2D form.

For this reason, there is a lot of excitement building about the game. In the coming weeks, Worldwide Webb will release its PvP game mode.

They added on Twitter: “In a world’s first, we’re enabling thousands of NFT collections to participate in competitive, fast-paced gameplay. This is a huge milestone for the Web3 space that we look forward to bringing you.”


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