Affyn Reveals New Cities for NEXUS World Metaverse

After a triumphant “City Launch Wave 0,” Affyn has revealed new cities for NEXUS World – a mobile metaverse integrated with the real world.

Following the announcement of Singapore, Affyn continues its grand tour of global cities. Get ready to explore the vibrant cities of Dublin, Glasgow, and London in ‘City Launch Wave 1’ – part of their much-anticipated unveiling of NEXUS World across 44 cities.

The latest cities include a total number of 1,750 land plots – 750 for London, 500 for Dublin, and 500 more for Glasgow.

NEXUS World – City Launch Wave 1

Affyn has created a metaverse with integrated geolocation and augmented reality features. The pioneering model offers a sustainable play-and-earn economy where users can discover, engage in, and participate in activities based on their location.

As part of the launches, Affyn announced that each land NFT will be tied to an actual location within the cities.

On February 9, 2023, Affyn will present “City Launch Wave 1” to the world at 8:00 PM (GMT 8) / 12:00 PM (UTC). This is when eligible users can start claiming virtual land by planting their flags within the NEXUS World metaverse.

Affyn have also revealed the remaining cities as part of “City Launch Wave 1” and here they are:

The launch provides users with the chance to be part of building out an expanding economy within NEXUS World.

Speaking on the reveal, Affyn’s Founder & CEO, Lucaz Lee, said, “We are on track for revealing all cities that we will feature in our NEXUS World metaverse, following Singapore, London, Dublin and Glasgow. We are deeply thankful to the community for continuously supporting our vision and their role in powering our success during the Wave 0 launch,”.

Lee added, “2023 will be a good year, and we can’t wait to unravel more exciting developments on reaching the masses in the upcoming months.”

NEXUS World – Land NFTs

NEXUS Land NFT holders are enabled to build their own metaverse experiences such as hosting events and activities in their ‘hometowns’. You can build businesses on your Land by providing services to other players. Holders can also design and customize their hometown identities and brands.

Freehold Land in the NEXUS World refers to land or ‘hometowns’ that players own. Despite the presence of approximately 9.8 billion land hexagons in the NEXUS World, only a tiny fraction, approximately 0.001%, are designated as Freehold Land which can be transformed into NFTs.

Furthermore, holders can also rent out the land to other users. This enables you to impose taxes on all who visit your property, resulting in a source of passive income.

To lay claim to a parcel of land in the Affyn metaverse, you must first obtain FLAGs. Although not NFTs themselves, these digital items serve as ownership markers on the virtual terrain.

In October, on the very first day that it launched its “Flag” sales, Affyn raised an immense amount of USD$2 million.

NFT land plots that are of greater rarity have the potential to generate more revenue for their owners due to having a higher number of citizens.

Landowners who create these metaverse ‘hometowns’ act as virtual mayors and earn a percentage when citizens of these hometowns play and earn on the land.

Generation Zero Buddies

Last July, Affyn’s “Generation Zero Buddies” NFT collection was snapped up within 100 seconds of its release. The ‘buddies’ were the first wave of NFTs to join Affyn’s NEXUS World metaverse.  NEXUS World demonstrates the ongoing enthusiasm for Web3 technology as well as the metaverse.

As NEXUS World’s globe-trot continues, stay tuned for updates on this exciting project. You can also follow the news on Affyn’s Twitter and Discord.


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