Affyn Launches ‘Generation Zero Buddies’ NFTs on Polygon and Sells Out in 100 Seconds

Singapore-based blockchain startup Affyn has launched its debut NFT collection on Polygon and sold out in 100 seconds. 

The collection of 400 ‘Generation Zero Buddies’ (Gen O), all known as ‘Buddies’, was captured for 2,995 FYN (around $156 USD) and will be the first wave of NFTs to join Affyn’s NEXUS World metaverse. 

Since the sale, the floor price has sky-rocketed to 1.98 ETH on Opensea (around $1185). 

Consequently, Gen O NFTs rose to number two in the rankings for top Polygon NFTs, making them the second most coveted collection in the space. 

The NFTs, a collection of glowing eggs, fall under the ‘Mythical’ rarity category.  

They boast unique features, rarity, and utility, whilst forming an integral role in the Affyn ecosystem. 

According to Affyn, Gen O will command interoperability across various metaverses and blockchain games. 

Affyn’s founder and CEO, Lucaz Lee, said: “The user participation we experienced during the Gen 0 sale has just been nothing short of overwhelming and encouraging. I sincerely thank the community for their passionate support and trust in us. We cannot wait to unveil what the months ahead will bring.”

NEXUS World is part of Affyn’s larger mission to pioneer the play-to-earn (P2E) gaming space and build a sustainable metaverse economy.

Affyn’s Whitepaper details its unique concept of ‘tokenomics’, which is designed for longevity and token stability. 

The economy will be forged upon rewards earned in the virtual world, which will be accessible in the real world. 

Furthermore, Affyn has promised a multi-faceted token utility for the native FYN token, which will be the currency of NEXUS World. 

Indeed, players will be able to interact with the token in multiple ways, such as: augmented reality activities, NEXUS campaign events, user-created games and activities, referral, NFT sales, royalties, and transactions involving virtual land. 

Affyn is using blockchain-powered technology to develop mobile games with integrated geolocation and augmented reality capability. 

The rapid sale of its debut collection, and subsequent jump in floor price, shows that investors are treating this project with plenty of respect. 

Affyn will build NEXUS World on the Polygon blockchain, a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform that enables developers to build scalable dApps with low transaction fees. 

For more information on Affyn and NEXUS World, you can visit the website here. 


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