Irish Distillers Make Bold Move Into The Metaverse

Fancy buying a virtual whiskey in the metaverse? You may soon get the chance as Irish Distillers recently applied for US trademarks for Jameson whiskey in relation to the metaverse and NFTs.

As per the patent filing, the company is exploring the use of virtual bars and drinks, virtual merchandise, NFT stores and online marketplaces. Additionally, it also aims to establish online marketplaces where traders can buy or exchange digital products in addition to NFTs.

A spokeswoman for Irish Distillers said the growing popularity of the metaverse was too much to ignore going forward.

‘Like many global brands with a curiosity in the growing popularity of the digital universe in 2022, Irish Distillers began seeking registration of existing Jameson brand IP in new trademark classes to support its future endeavours,’ said the spokeswoman.

Irish Distillers – Not The First and Certainly Not The Last

The move by Irish Distillers is somewhat bold and early, but many like-for-like brands have made a move into the Web3 space as its popularity continues to grow.

With Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg claiming that virtual universes are the next chapter for the internet, many beverage brands have decided to experiment with this futuristic notion.

Pernod Ricard recently announced that Maison Martell will be the first French cognac house to join The Sandbox metaverse. The aim is to provide visitors with an immersive virtual experience of the magnificent Martell Chateau.

Last year, Johnnie Walker and Captain Morgan of Diageo boldly hosted virtual happy hours at the world’s first NFT conference. The brand then went a step further by introducing a branded virtual bar to Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week.

When Johnnie Walker launched its initial NFT collection with artist BossLogic, it sold out in a mere 10 minutes. Companies have not only been utilizing the metaverse as an effective advertising tool but also protecting their NFT and virtual property from malicious fraudsters.

Buy Virtual Drinks at Metaverse Music Festivals

With the advent of bars and branded drinks available in the metaverse, how about drinking at a virtual festival? If this is also to your taste, last year saw some large-scale Web3 festivals.

In June the first-ever Pride Festival took place in The Sandbox metaverse, where attendees were able to relive many of their favourite experiences at an enchanting digital reality event.

In November, Decentraland hosted a four-day music celebration with massive A-list names like Björk, Ozzy Osbourne and Soulja Boy. Attendees were met with multiple artist-themed stages plus other interactive attractions making for a truly immersive experience.

Music Festivals, Jameson Whiskies, it’s all moving forward as brands’ experimentation with virtual worlds and NFTs continues to grow. And the best thing is everyone wins.


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