The New Passport Stamps: How Are NFTs Changing Travel

Booking agencies like Marriot International are using NFTs to entice travelers with additional perks and raise money for charity. Is this the new face of the travel industry?

Between January and July 2022, more than 474 million people traveled internationally. That’s a huge increase compared to the previous year, when roughly 175 million people left their countries. We’re all tired from the lockdown, and we’re all looking for the next great escape.

But many are looking for a change-up. Taking selfies with famous landmarks, buying the same souvenirs and Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts? Maybe it’s time for something different. Here’s how NFTs can change all of this.

The New Passport Stamps

You know how your passport has a stamp for each country you visit? That’s how you know where you’ve been and where you’re going. Blockchain technology works on the same principle but gives you many more possibilities.

The Blockchain is a global record where all your travels and transactions can be stored. The advantage of this is that it allows you to streamline the whole process and store all of your travel data in one place.

How NFTs Can Improve Our Travel Experience

Now, imagine if you want to book a trip to South America this year, but instead of Googling, looking at forums, and searching for a booking website, all you do is buy an NFT. And that NFT then gives you access to an exclusive hotel where a limited number of travellers can stay.

You don’t need to enter any information, click on confirmation emails, or ask what to pick up your room ket. Just complete a single transaction, and you’re good to go. That’s the premise of the Lucky Ape Travel Club.

The Floridian company was launched in 2021, and it’s the first major NFT project to tap into the travel industry.

Research has shown us that manually entering personal information is one of the biggest annoyances website users experience. With NFT room keys and passport stamps, however, you can avoid all that.

Booking Meets Blockchain With NFT Passport Stamps

But LATC is now far from the only NFT company in the travel sector. Earlier in 2022, Casa de Campo Resorts & Villas partnered up with Pinktada, an NFT platform specializing in Room Night Tokens.

RNTs, as they’re known, give resort guests access to special discounts on certain room types and the flexibility to swap their reservations with other guests if their plans change. With Pinktada, Casa de Campo provided a more streamlined booking experience while increasing customer loyalty and widening its reach.

Casa de Campo Resorts & Villas (Credit: Trip Advisor)

Exclusive Travel Experiences Powered by NFTs

For many people, overspending on an all-inclusive package isn’t worth it. But what if you could bid on your dream vacation, pay a fraction of the price, and still have access to exclusive experiences?

That’s what Black Platinum Gold is offering. The company holds auctions where users bid on limited-edition trips to some of the most luxurious places in the world.

What sets it apart from other travel agencies is that it sells NFTs that guarantee exclusive access to certain activities and experiences.

For instance, BPG’s “Unlocking Uniqueness On Lake Como” NFT sent the folder to Italy for New Year’s Eve week, where he could explore the area, have dinner with a local family and access the lake’s private beaches.

Transforming the Travel Industry Before Your Eyes

NFTs may become the travel industry’s standard soon enough. They offer a secure, transparent, and efficient way to book tickets, reserve rooms, and access unique experiences available only to a few.

The most exciting part is that we’ve barely scratched the surface here. The possibilities of what NFTs can do are endless, and the travel industry is just one of many fields that are about to be transformed by this technology.


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