Travala Offers Active Travelers a Chance to Earn Up to 10% Bitcoin Cashback

Leading travel agency Travala has taken a bold step by introducing Bitcoin cashback rewards for its users. This initiative promises to change the way we think about loyalty programs and travel rewards.

Partnership with AVA Foundation

Travala’s partnership with the AVA Foundation is a testament to their commitment towards innovation and customer satisfaction. The AVA Smart Program, which aims to reward loyal customers, has now added Bitcoin as one of its rewards.

With over 3 million options to choose from, Travala offers a wide range of flights, hotels, and activities worldwide. This gives users the flexibility to design their trips according to their preferences and budget. And now with the added incentive of Travala’s Bitcoin cashback rewards, booking becomes an even more attractive option.

Travala Bitcoin Cashback Rewards

The traditional cashback programs often come with long waiting periods and complicated redemption processes. With Travala’s Bitcoin cashback, users can enjoy the benefit of receiving their rewards directly into their account within 24 hours of completing their trip. This not only makes the process more efficient but also reduces fees and risks for providers, making it a win-win situation for both parties.

Another major advantages of Bitcoin cashback programs is their global reach. With traditional loyalty programs, travelers often face limitations when it comes to redeeming their rewards in different countries. However, with Bitcoin being a borderless currency, this hurdle is eliminated, making it an appealing option for travelers around the world.

Industry Context

The travel loyalty industry has been facing challenges in recent years, with traditional reward systems becoming less effective in attracting and retaining customers. With the introduction of Bitcoin cashback rewards, Travala has positioned itself as an innovative player in the market.

The acceptance and adoption of Bitcoin have been on the rise, with more companies and individuals recognizing its potential. Travala’s decision to offer Bitcoin cashback rewards is a testament to this growing mainstream acceptance. This move aligns with the recent approval of the first Bitcoin spot ETF, further solidifying the legitimacy and value of this cryptocurrency.


Travala’s Bitcoin cashback program is a game-changer in the travel industry. It offers numerous benefits to both travelers and providers, while also paving the way for more innovative reward systems in the future. With the growing popularity of digital currencies, we can expect to see more companies following in Travala’s footsteps, making travel even more accessible and rewarding for everyone.

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