Is the metaverse out yet?

The Metaverse is a work in progress and does not wholly exist yet. For the Metaverse to be complete, it needs to become universal and all-encompassing, like the internet. This will not happen overnight, as the technology to put it together does not exist.

For now, the Metaverse consists of a range of platforms and technologies that work independently of each other. To realize the coming metaverse these platforms and technologies need to integrate and become compatible. However, this is easier said than done, and a lot of research and collaboration will be required.

One such company at the heart of researching Web3 technology is Meta, which recently announced a partnership with Microsoft. They describe the coming metaverse as “a set of virtual spaces where you can create and explore with other people who aren’t in the same physical space as you.”

When the Metaverse is realized, you will be able to move through these virtual spaces and enjoy virtual experiences seamlessly.

What is needed to realise the metaverse?

To realise the Metaverse, certain things need to happen. These include:

  • Collaboration between tech companies and content creators. Rather than hoard breakthroughs in technology, companies will need to be more open to sharing.
  • AR and VR headsets that are affordable and comfortable if we are to spend lots of time in the metaverse
  • Fast and reliable connectivity, though with the rollout of 5G, this is being realized
  • There needs to be quality content released by big brand names if we are to get people to use the metaverse, as a daily medium in which they can immerse themselves.

If all involved in the creation of the metaverse combine their knowledge and technology we will be immersing ourselves in the virtual worlds earlier than we think.


Although we are a long way from the realisation of an all-encompassing metaverse the foundations and groundwork for the Metaverse are well underway. Why not check out our metaverse category for all your metaverse needs?


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