How much does a metaverse community guide get?

Hourly rates for metaverse community guides can differ quite a lot and depends on the project the guide works for. But for the most part, hourly rates can range anywhere between $50 and $100.

Several elements help determine the salary of metaverse community guides, including the community size and the level of knowledge, and the experience of the guide. Furthermore, the amount of time and energy expended will also influence salary.

Patience is essential as a Metaverse community guide

What does a metaverse community guide do?

A community guide’s job is to welcome participants to the metaverse and to ensure a safe environment for all. Once employed, a guide receives access to tools that allow you to keep on top of your job.

Guides will point out new experiences and tips, on how to get the most out of your time on the platform. They also have the authority to call upon safety specialists when they witness or are informed of improper conduct.

It seems the job itself can become stressful if the experiences that some of the community guides on Meta’s Horizon Worlds are anything to go by. Some pranksters go out purposefully to antagonize the guides and to generally be obnoxious.


No doubt, many jobs will become available in the metaverse over the next decade. Metaverse guides will be the equivalent of frontline workers and are sure to endure a lot of grief in the workplace. Although the money looks good, you are going to need to be thick-skinned.


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