How can I get my art into an NFT cryptocurrency platform?

To get your art into an NFT cryptocurrency platform, you first need to make an NFT of your artwork. To do this, you must choose a payment wallet and an NFT platform. You need a payment wallet to enable you to pay the fees that NFT platforms usually charge and to receive your earnings if you eventually sell the NFT.

As far as the cryptocurrency and NFT industry is concerned, the most popular payment wallet is the Metamask wallet. Purchase some ETH from any reputable exchange and transfer the same to your Metamask wallet. As for the NFT platform, you can choose an NFT marketplace like Rarible, a user-friendly platform for beginners. Rarible has an easy-to-understand interface; plus, a responsive customer support team that will hold you by the hands and show you how to list your NFTs.

Once you have your payment wallet handy and created an account on Rarible, the next step is to link your wallet to the NFT platform. Login to your Rarible account, tab on the “Connect Wallet” button, and follow the instructions to link your wallet.

After linking your wallet, the next step is to upload the art you want to turn into an NFT. Right on your Rarible dashboard, click on the “Create” button, select the art, and complete the minting process. Add a title and description to your newly created NFT.

Congratulations! You have successfully listed your art on an NFT cryptocurrency platform.


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