Can a 17-year-old Buy an NFT?

The short answer is no. Most blockchain ‘play to earn games’ and NFT trading platforms have rules that state players must be 18 years old or higher.

Furthermore, age limits differ across different US states. Take Mississippi for example, there you need to be 21 years old to buy and sell NFTs, and in Nebraska, Alabama, and Delaware the legal age to buy or sell digital assets you must be 19 years or older.

Another hurdle to buying NFTs at seventeen is the age limit of eighteen to open a crypto wallet. Crypto wallets are used to store cryptocurrencies and NFTs and are needed to connect and pay for digital assets.

Wait patiently or ask a parent or guardian to come to your rescue and buy and store the NFT for you. Once, you turn eighteen and can legally open a crypto wallet the NFT can be transferred to your new wallet.

Finally, let’s just hope the NFT doesn’t become a blockbuster and your parent does not give you the NFT back. Lol

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