Emergents TCG, A Worthy Competitor in the Trading Card Games Industry, Just Launched a Public Beta

Emergents Trading Card Game (TCG) public beta has officially gone live according to a press release by InterPop, the company behind its development. This much-awaited TCG game operates in a similar fashion to the likes of Magic (The Gathering) and Pokemon. However, unlike its counterparts, Emergents TCG leverages blockchain technology to introduce a better experience for gaming enthusiasts.

Built on the Tezos blockchain, this newly launched TCG game allows players to curate a collection of cards, tapping into Emergents expansive universe that features five comic book series. Players can trade their cards on NFT marketplaces such as Rarible.com or Objkt.com, both of which support InterPop’s digital collections. This flexibility allows Emergents TCG users to strengthen their decks by buying what they need and selling what is no longer needed.

Contrary to most of the complex NFT card games that currently exist, Emergents TCG is not reliant on any tokenomic model. Anyone who has previously played a TCG game can easily get started, with or without any blockchain knowledge.

“Our goal has never been to build the best blockchain game it has always been to build a better game than what was out there – be it so-called free-to-play or the complicated defi mechanics of blockchain games – that could go toe-to-toe with best in class trading card games and recapture some of the excitement that came from buying, selling, and trading Magic or Pokemon cards in the real world.” noted InterPop’s CEO Brian David-Marshall.

A Special Drop for the Launch

With the public beta having launched, Emergents TCG is set to celebrate this milestone with a special promo-card-pack ‘Super Booster Drop’. The cards featured in this drop come in three different levels; super booster, rare super booster and epic super booster. Each of them contains advanced features, including super booster exclusive NFT cards, player avatars and NFT comic books.

The Emergents’ Universe comic cover art, which was created by renowned artists including Colleen Doran, Amanda Conner, Steve Ellis, and Juan Doe, will also be included in the NFT cards. More interestingly, players who purchase these special card packs have a random chance of landing on a 1-of-1 “1st Minted”  super booster exclusive NFT card or a page of the Original Comic Art NFTs published by Scott Kolins on InterPop Comics.

As for the pre-sale schedule, it will commence on August 18th, giving whitelisted participants the priority to purchase their preferred card pack. The general public sale will open a day later, after which anyone will be able to buy the super booster cards through the Tezos (XTZ) token or a credit card. Looking into the future, InterPop is set to scale its payment modes to accommodate other crypto assets, including BTC, ETH and stablecoins.


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