Kingdomverse Draws Near As First Mobile Game Receives Closed Alpha Launch

Kingdomverse has taken giant strides towards the metaverse by launching a closed Alpha version of its mobile game ‘Defend The Kingdom’. 

The game has been made accessible to all Monkey Kingdom community members, as the project takes its next step towards a cross-platform metaverse.

Kingdomverse onboards new users into its 3D virtual world with an ecosystem of engaging casual mobile games. 

Interactivity and immersion are two crucial pillars of Kingdomverse and players can enjoy various games featuring play-to-earn (P2E) opportunities. 

Josh Kovac, Chief Strategy Officer said: “Kingdomverse will be the first cross-platform metaverse experience. We are very excited for players to test out the first casual game that will be linked to the wider Kingdomverse ecosystem.”

In the realms of Kingdomverse 

To succeed in Kingdomverse, players will require a strategic mindset. 

On the platform, every player can create and develop their self-owned Kingdom, which is their home base. 

These Kingdoms can be wielded to battle other players and earn more rewards, with a plethora of customization opportunities. 

Every Kingdom can turn into a community as other players can join by staking NFTs to become a citizen. 

Leveraging the power of their NFTs, citizens will then cooperate to develop the Kingdom and its battles against other players. 

Moreover, as fellow citizens in Kingdomverse, communities can enjoy playing casual mobile games together.

Engaging in these various games enables the unlocking of in-game assets, which combine to give their Kingdom an edge over rivals.

Hence, your journey in Kingdomverse is fueled by purpose and incentive, but the player always has a choice and is in control of their destiny.

Defend The Kingdom

The first offering in its realms, Defend The Kingdom, is a casual tower defense game where teams of five heroes battle enemies in PvP or Co-op mode. 

The game will receive play-to-earn mechanics when it launches and features a dual-token economy.

The closed Alpha of Defend The Kingdom will bring the Monkey Legend NFT collection to life on mobile screens. 

Furthermore, Monkey Legend NFT holders can win exclusive prizes and rewards through the game, including upgrades to their NFTs.

Rewards include limited-edition cosmetic upgrades to NFTs, physical items, and official collectibles.

For more information on this emerging platform, you can visit the Kingdomverse website, Twitter, Instagram or Discord. 







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