Infinity Skies Launches Demo with $5000 Giveaway

Infinity Skies has launched a brand new demo, introducing a host of new features to its castle building community. 

The new sandbox style game invites players to build a castle on an island in the sky, using tradable NFTs, and chase glory on the social leaderboard. 

What is more, you can play and earn with the game’s native cryptocurrency ‘Skyblock’, which is achieved through trading in NFTs with other players, using the game’s in-built marketplace. 

The game’s four core elements are: Build, Adventure, Socialize and Trade. 

Excitement is building around the project and at the time of writing, the game’s ISKY token was up 150% in the last 24 hours. 

$5000 giveaway

To celebrate this new demo release, Infinity Skies is giving away $5000 to its community in a unique competition.

Indeed, the giveaway invites you to interact with the demo, building a castle using the game’s tools. 

At the time of writing, there have been a staggering 25978 total entries, and there are still 11 days remaining in the competition.

Moreover, some of the entries have showcased the spectacular possibilities in the game, which clearly offers a level of depth to its crafting. 

How to get involved

Are you interested in building castles in the sky? You can join the competition by going to and logging in with your Metamask.

Once finished, share your castle in the #castle-competition channel, within the Infinity Skies Discord.

Then, like and comment on the competition tweet, and complete all mandatory tasks to qualify for the prizes. 

Speaking of which, the prizes are as follows: the top 3 castles each win $250, $150 and $100 respectively, with the remaining $4500 being split among 100 randomly-picked winners. 

Goals in the game

In the game, players will own their own island in the sky and the ultimate goal is to become the King of Infinity Skies. 

Additionally, those interested in the game’s economics should take note of the ‘claim pool’ feature, which will enable eligible investors to claim their share of Skyblock from the tax. 

On this note, the staking pool will open soon, giving investors an opportunity to reap long-term benefits from the game’s success. 

Besides that, Infinity Skies has been participating in BSC News’ #BattleoftheDapps, a competition which pits exciting new projects against each other.

The community has been voting for its favourite new Dapps on the BSC News Twitter, and Infinity Skies was just recently pushing for the final round.  

The game’s progress in the competition is a testament to its tireless community building, despite a brutal bear market. 

‘Sky Plot’ land sale

Those who are interested in being a landowner in the game will be pleased to know that the NFT land sale is coming soon.

This sale will enable holders to purchase ‘Sky Plots’ in four different rarities: Astral, Divine, Legendary and Epic. 

These Sky Plot NFTs are differentiated by how easily they can be found on the world map by others. 

Accessibility will matter, as each plot will be home to a variety of adventuring possibilities and social interactions.

Socializing features include chatting, whispering, dancing, joining guilds and much more. 

For more information on the project, you can access the social channels here, or download the demo at


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