Southeast Europe Becoming a Hotbed of Metaverse Gaming 

The Metaverse is viewed by many as the next logical step in all things online – from web pages to apps and everything that connects them – and gaming is no different.

The Metaverse Gaming Landscape

A working version of the concept is still years away, but many believe in the technology. So much so that certain companies have already secured billions in funding for their Metaverse gaming plans.

One of those companies is Epic Games, which has secured a cool billion dollars to accelerate its Metaverse plans.

Games like Axis Infinity have already fought the attention of gamers worldwide, and many want a piece of that Metaverse pie. There are hundreds – if not thousands – of companies working on the technology and applications that will make it a reality.

And it’s not just big tech companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple. Startups are getting in on the action too.

Southeast Europe: The Silicon Valley of Europe 

While startups worldwide are working on Metaverse gaming projects, there’s a particular concentration of them in Southeast Europe.

This part of the world has been dubbed the “Silicon Valley of Europe” thanks to its burgeoning tech scene.

So far, startups from that region have accumulated over $500 million in funding in just a few years. Startups from Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Croatia are catching the attention of global venture capitalists.

And with thousands of startups founded in the last decade, the trend will only accelerate.

Some of the main reasons for it include:

  • High computer literacy in the region
  • Fast Internet speeds that are prevalent there
  • Large numbers of people working in the industry
P2E in metaverse

Southeast Europe Metaverse Gaming Startups

Now, let’s take a look at some of the startups from Southeast Europe that are working on Metaverse gaming projects:

This Romanian startup spearheads the expansion of web 3.0 in Eastern Europe. Founded less than a year ago, the company’s working on the first game, “Crow’s Nest,” an NFT fantasy RPG in which players take the role of a daring pirate captain.

The Greek 3D creative studio has been designing digital wardrobes for influencers. So far, they’ve mainly designed fashion garments for 3D avatars owned by influencers. But with the rise of social gaming platforms like VRChat, they’ll probably start helping people customize their characters.

Finally, the Sofia-based tech development company is working on creating real-life gamification experiences. Last June, they announced that they were working on a big Metaverse NFT project; however, there are still no details about this during the time of writing.

Closing Thoughts

The Metaverse is coming and will be bigger than anything we’ve ever seen. And Southeast Europe is leading the charge in making it a reality. So, if you’re a gamer, keep an eye on this region – some of the most innovative and exciting projects are happening here.


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