Everything On Apple VR Headsets So Far

  • Apple VR Headsets are delayed till 2023 to match expectations.
  • Apple is to file a trademark for realityOS on June 8, 2022.
  • Apple Glasses have yet to make an appearance. Missed WWDC. 

Apple has been trying to reach into the unachieved sectors of technological advancements for a while now. If you can recall, there is an Apple electrical card under development. And all that we have received for it so far is the Apple CarPlay update. 

Meanwhile, the Apple Glasses were rumored to release this year, or at least have a showcase in WWDC 2022 (June), yet it has failed to meet the expectations. While we haven’t received Apple Glasses, the rumored Apple VR Headsets are delayed to 2023. However, we can be sure that it is under development. Let’s findth out more: 

Let’s Start With Apple Glasses 

It’s interesting that Apple’s WWDC of June 2022 was supposed to be all about Augmented Reality. Apple Glasses have been under development and a high point of rumors for a while.

Apple Glasses are supposed to be AR Headsets that look like regular glasses. Think of it like EDITH from Spiderman: Far From Home. They would display details and other insights on lenses while the users could wear them around.

They were rumored to have much more going for them, yet Apple has failed to please its loyal patrons in the WWDC. There wasn’t any news covering the Apple Glasses. 

Learning About Apple VR/AR Headsets 

Just like the Apple Glasses, Apple VR/AR Headsets were also under rumor. There have been some concept images out on the internet. And while the official spokesperson of Apple hasn’t confirmed it, they have shed some light on the delayed-release and production.

Apple VR/AR Headsets are supposed to provide both the VR and AR experience in a single piece of tech. More importantly, they are designed for authentic VR and AR experience, not the Metaverse-kind. Apple is continually working on expanding this VR and AR infrastructure and offering a one-of-a-kind experience to the users.

Apple VR/AR headsets are supposed to be the precursors to the Apple Glasses.

The Reason For Delays – Speculations 

Apple is known for offering world-class quality. They have always dominated with qualitative experiences and premium products. Therefore, they wouldn’t want to rush VR/AR headsets. The company will take its time to ensure that premium VR/AR headsets become available.

It also notes that there are some heating and other processor-related issues regarding the VR/AR headsets, which have delayed production. These rumors and reasons seem to align with Apple Car delays as well.

As Apple is continually working on improving the user experience and creating their domain in every technological sector, it is possible that we may have delayed response from the company. 

Metaverse Is Off-Limits – Apple

Initially, Apple doesn’t plan on exploring the potential of the Metaverse or partaking in it. There are Facebook Ocular Quest and other technology available for that if users are interested. We have always known Apple to stand out.

They develop iOS as the opposite of the Android OS. Similarly, we have macOS as the opposite of Microsoft Windows. So, it is not far off to imagine Apple working on their variation of AR/VR and Metaverse.

According to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple VR/AR headsets will work to offer a short VR/AR experience. They will not be part of the Metaverse but explore their content, universe, and more. However, knowing Apple’s flexibility with dominant technology, we could still use it to access certain things if fans demand it.  

What Can The Content Look Like For Apple VR/AR Users

So far, the rumored Apple Glasses and Apple VR/AR content will focus on premium-grade Hollywood movies with world-class directors. This will lead to phenomenal developments in AR and VR applications and experiences for Apple users. 

Just like Apple TV, Apple Music, and other products, we could expect Apple Realty or the RealityOS as we know it. 

The RealityOS will be up for Apple’s Trademark acquisition on June 8th, two days after the WWDC. 

The Bottom Line For Apple VR/AR Headsets 

The hybrid AR/VR headset is an ambitious project and to receive Apple’s seal of quality is another remarkable venture. Now that we know that Apple will be working on RealityOS, we can expect big things. However, we can also see that Apple isn’t planning on being part of the Web 3.0 world through blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency.

They are creating an entirely different domain, universe, and infrastructure. It could fail or significantly increase its popularity. However, we think that the fresh approach and the focus on AR/VR experience for the next stage in technology is an admirable step from Apple.


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