META: NFT Integration Tests on Facebook Have Started!

It has been a long wait for Facebook to start NFT integration tests. Since the company’s transition to Meta, Zuckerberg is now at the forefront of NFT integration. Not too long ago, integrating NFTs on Instagram became a reality. It was only a matter of time before Meta started testing NFT integration on Facebook.

Ethereum and Polygon Supported NFTs

The testing revolves around the Ethereum and Polygon non-fungible tokens for selected creators on Facebook. Navdeep Singh, the product manager at Meta, states that testing NFT integration on Facebook has a high likelihood of success.

Zuckerberg previously iterated that showcasing NFTs on Facebook profiles would bring more convenience and control to users.

In a series of updates, Singh spoke of a tab for digital collectibles that would make it possible for regular Facebook users to display NFTs on their profiles.

The Instagram Model

After the successful integration of NFTs on Instagram, Meta does not want to waste more time by testing new NFT integrations on Facebook.

When it comes to Instagram, minted NFTs are supported by the Polygon and Ethereum blockchains.

Officially, Meta has not clarified whether or not it would use the same supported blockchains on Facebook. But most tech experts and enthusiasts hint Meta will harness the power of Ethereum and Polygon again.

In addition, Zuckerberg also stated that Meta plans to work on AR-based NFTs. This means you will be able to share your Instagram Stories or Facebook posts through Spark Augmented Reality.

Spark AR is the official AR platform for Meta. Zuckerberg has been open about his plans to roll out more integration and provide added support to creators on Instagram and Facebook.

Sustainability and Charges

One of the main highlights of NFT integration on Facebook is that it will not cost users anything. In fact, there will be no fee attached to sharing or posting any digital collectibles. However, Meta understands that the sustainability of NFTs on its social media platforms can pose an issue. Meta wants to decrease emissions related to producing and buying digital collectible items. It could be why Meta has decided not to include ads with the new integrated NFT feature.


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