Should Metaverse Workers Be Worried About Being Monitored by Their Bosses?

Working in the Metaverse seems inevitable at this point. However, a new ExpressVPN survey finds out that a vast majority of workers are worried about being monitored.

Ah, remote work. It has a lot of perks. You only need a laptop and a fast Internet connection, and you can work from anywhere in the world. No need for expensive office space or commuting costs.

There’s something really cool about the idea of working in the Metaverse. Connecting to a digital world from anywhere, being able to meet and collaborate with people from all over the globe in real-time.

With the Metaverse, you can enjoy the perks of working remotely and from an office simultaneously. But not all are excited about it.

What Did ExpressVPN Find?

Since the pandemic, the idea of a virtual office has been thrown around quite a bit. That’s why ExpressVPN started doing research to see how the concept resonates with the employees. They’ve surveyed more than 1,500 employees.

Out of those surveyed, only around 2% currently work in a Metaverse-like environment. The majority – roughly 77% – work in office spaces. Would these guys exchange a physical office for a virtual one? Most wouldn’t, actually.

Only 6% of respondents said they would feel more productive in a Metaverse office. But not many worry about their employer forcing them to work in the Metaverse. They’re far too concerned about their superiors monitoring them without their knowledge.

Why Is Privacy The Biggest Concern?

A staggering 63% of workers are worried about their employers having access to their data. Employee monitoring software has become quite popular in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why employers would want to use it.

These tools allow employers to track their workers’ activity and see how productive they are. Some of these tools can even take screenshots of workers’ screens or even record their webcam footage.

In the Metaverse, monitoring one’s activity would be far easier. And it’s not like employers will back out of employee monitoring any time soon. Quite the opposite.

How Do Employers Feel About This?

At the moment, nearly three-quarters of employers – 73%, to be exact – admit they’re surveilling their workers. Even if we assume that all respondents were truthful, that number is pretty high.

That’s why employers are way more excited about the Metaverse than their employees are. A whopping 66% of employers said they would be “very likely” to ask their workers to connect to a Metaverse office.

It doesn’t seem like employers are really concerned about the workers’ privacy concerns. They’re far more interested in Metaverse’s benefits – such as increased productivity and collaboration.

Should You Be Worried About Monitoring?

Feeling anxious about your data is normal. You can’t take something like that lightly. After all, your data is your life.

But you shouldn’t let the possibility of being monitored stop you from enjoying the Metaverse. There are ways to protect your data. And if you’re really worried about it, you can always ask your employer about their monitoring policy.

The bottom line is this: the Metaverse is unavoidable, and it comes with both risks and benefits. But as long as you’re aware of the risks, you can make sure they don’t outweigh the benefits.


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