Could We Be Working In The Metaverse? 

With the inception of Web 3.0, there have been several innovations. People are exploring various aspects like the Blockchain and NFT realm. On the other hand, Meta and Apple are working on exploring AR/AR capabilities. New concepts are getting tossed around almost daily, like DeSoc with the new SoulBound Token. Then we have GameFi, which seems to be the significant breakthrough into the Web 3.0 world. Yet, one thing is common in all of these. That is the term ‘Metaverse.’ 

While we are looking at so many new concepts, it begs the question of working. Could we be working in Metaverse? Let’s explore that idea a bit:

Metaverse Is A Virtual Life

Let’s start with clearing out the concept of the Metaverse. Regardless of what people might call it, we all could agree that it is all about creating, or replicating life in the digital world. It is a virtual life where people can Socialize. The physical distance shouldn’t be a factor. There will be more freedom for people to choose where to go, what to do, and be creatively expressive, as well.

Almost every Metaverse project somewhat incorporates the idea of virtual life in the project. For instance, Dogami is all about owning and raising Virtual Dogs. StepN is about running in real life but achieving digital currency. Meanwhile, NFTs are all about owning digital collectibles. So, the Metaverse is about bridging the gap between reality and the digital universe.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be too out-of-the-possibility to think about working aspects or generating a professional sector in the Metaverse. 

Play To Earn And Other Incentives

Take a look at what we already have. Play-To-Earn is the leading incentive in the Metaverse. Many other projects are working on incentives like Read-To-Earn, Listen-To-Earn, View-To-Earn, Run-To-Earn, and so on. So, we could say that Metaverse is all about providing incentives to the people.

Furthermore, investing in NFTs, Virtual Lands, and Cryptocurrencies, among other tokens, has also become a leading source of generating revenue within the Metaverse.

The Job Sector In The Metaverse 

We all know that in the real world, with the advent of the Metaverse, we need more qualified professionals. But what about ‘in the Metaverse?’ Well, let’s take Dogami again, for example. The NFT project is working on incorporating professions for dogs and people alike. You could become a dog trainer, breeder, and more.

Many other games will also focus on creating professions that will incentivize people with real monetary gains. Hence, it is another possibility of jobs becoming prevalent in the Metaverse

The Experimentation With VR/AR

There has been recent research regarding using VR/AR headsets for work. Research showed that productivity declines as issues arise. These ranged from motion sickness to feeling nauseated. But, we can’t peg that solely on the Metaverse.

The cases of feeling nausea, motion sickness, or even headaches are commonly associated with prolonged use of VR/AR technologies. Therefore, experimentation isn’t a strong foundation to disregard working in the metaverse. 

Education And Other Possibilities 

There is an Indian Startup working on creating an education portal in the Metaverse. On the other hand, Meta is also launching Metaverse Academy to create a new generation of Metaverse Specialists. All of these point toward the possibility that we will witness remarkable growth in Web 3.0 and the job profession.

In fact, the jobs in Metaverse might not be confined to the real world’s laws. This goes for laws of physics and other possibilities. A person in some Fantasy Game could be generating a lot of money by being a shady merchant. On the other hand, we could be looking at people training others or helping them with Metaverse.

There are so many possibilities. We are sure to get many new digital-based professions becoming a thing in the near future. 

Let’s not forget that Digital Concerts are also becoming something tangible. If celebrities and influencers are going to be performing in the digital world or the Metaverse, why won’t people move there? 

The Bottom Line

The Metaverse is a new world and a new opportunity. People could choose to end up working there or be one of the early investors in NFTs and other projects.

There are those who invest and trade, and then there are those who work. The bottom line is that we will be working in the Metaverse one way or another. It is just a matter of time. 


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