Metaverse Partners Up With the Designer of the Marvel Multiverse

Shiba Inu, one of the top cryptocurrency companies on the market, has announced a partnership with The Third Floor, the largest visualization studio in the world.

Shibu Inu began as nothing more than your average meme coin. However, over time, they’ve become a legitimate cryptocurrency. Recently, the coin has seen a 31% price increase.

The company has announced multiple upcoming projects that will further boost the coin’s price and drive profit over the next few years. One of the biggest projects is the SHIB Metaverse.

Shiba Inu has just announced that The Third Floor will lead the design and construction of their Metaverse.

What’s The Third Floor?

The Third Floor is a world-renowned visualization studio that has recently worked on some of the most popular films.

The owners initially met each other while working on the effects of the “Revenge of the Sith,” the final part of the Star Wars prequel trilogy. They enjoyed working with each other so much that they decided to start a company shortly after the work wrapped up.

The company was named after the location where they worked at Lucasfilm offices.

The Third Floor became one of the most in-demand visualization studios, working on big projects such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the new Star Wars trilogy, Game of Thrones, and more.

What Will the Partnership Bring?

To impress investors, Shiba Inu has to present their cutting-edge digital world in the most realistic way possible. They’re utilizing technologies like AI, AR, and the blockchain to achieve this. But without the right partner with enough experience in visual effects, it would all be for naught.

That’s where The Third Floor comes in. With years of experience working on some of the biggest Hollywood projects, TTF will help bring the SHIB Metaverse to life.

They know how to develop rich digital environments, stunning landmarks, as well as buildings for the big screen. Undoubtedly, they’ll do the same for the Metaverse.

Future of the SHIB the Metaverse

TFF’s rapid prototyping and real-time Unreal Engine processing will help the Shiba Inu team’s ideas quickly go from concept to reality.

The Shiba Inu ecosystem should bloom in the Metaverse. All tokens like SHIB, LEASH, and BONE will feature in the digital world and allow users to earn passive income, gain rewards, and manage projects efficiently. investors will also have a chance to see the entire map of the Metaverse through the Locker feature.

The partnership with The Third Floor is a giant leap forward for the Shiba Inu team. Not only does it show that they’re serious about their Metaverse project, but it also gives them the credibility they need to attract more investors.

Closing Thoughts

With The Third Floor on board, the Metaverse is one step closer to becoming a reality. Once the Metaverse is launched, some predict the Shiba Inu price will hit a 40% increase. Will the Metaverse become as popular as the Marvel multiverse? Probably not… but.. you never know… 


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