Metaverse 101 with Meta Starring Keke Palmer

Meta debuts its new Metaverse 101 with TV personality Keke Palmer to demystify the metaverse concept. The video series called, ‘Are We There Yet’, aims to answer what is possible within the Metaverse, and what may be achievable in the future.

The series features Kek Palmer chatting with metaverse experts about the burgeoning sector. as they drive through the Metaverse.

Creative X, the internal creative agency at Meta is making the informative series, which runs through the end of August.

As Meta puts it,

“Part Bill Nye The Science Guy, part Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, ‘Are We There Yet?’ will be a metaverse 101, with each episode showcasing conversations between Palmer and various creators, artists, experts and more, as they travel through a future vision of the metaverse in a car and highlight the ways the metaverse will help us feel closer, be more collaborative, and be built by not just a few, but by all of us.”

The informal chats discuss metaverse-related developments and explain concepts such as immersive and social worlds.

Meta’s VP Vishal Shah talks about the future

The first episode sees Keke Palmer host Meta’s Vice President, Vishal Shah, on a journey of discovery, the future vision of virtual worlds and metaverse-related developments.

They do a back and forth in which they discuss what is possible in the Metaverse, where the Metaverse stands now, and how Meta’s Horizon Worlds may develop in the future.

When asked by Keke Palmer to describe the Metaverse, Vishal replied, “the simplest way to describe the Metaverse is the next phase of the internet.”

 He goes on to say, the main difference is “that we can feel like we are there with other people, in a way that we can’t feel in our digital experiences today.”

He continues further and points to another big difference between Web2 and Web3, using Meta as the example.

In Web3, instead of Meta building all the experiences, Horizon Worlds lets users create their unique ones.

Now, Future, Never

The first episode from Meta also contains a fun game of Now, Future, Never, in which Keke Palmer gets answers on the limits of Web3.

As for what you can do in the present, Vishal mentions how creators and brands are already setting up shops and developing games and digital experiences in the VR environment. He relates how you can visit haunted houses and comedy clubs, relax at spas, gamble, go to nightclubs and even get married.

Meta formerly Facebook

Since Mark Zuckerberg re-branded Facebook as Meta, the company has posted losses. However, Mark is convinced that the Metaverse is the future, and we wholeheartedly agree.


I enjoyed watching ‘Are we There Yet’ with Keke. She gives the show an ‘everyday folks’ feeling whilst getting simplified answers related to the Metaverse that most people should understand.

In future episodes, Keke Palmer will take us further down the rabbit hole. She will chat with more metaverse geeks, artists, creators and other special guests. They will talk about the latest metaverse developments.

Keep your calendar open. You may learn a thing or two.


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