Experience Ghosts Metaverse in Decentraland

In another boost for metaverse adoption, CBS becomes the first U.S. network to enter Decentraland. The news will surely help in driving Web3 adoption globally and bringing major media brands onboard.

Fans of the hit series Ghosts, the new comedy series from CBS, can now enjoy the Woodstone Mansion in a metaverse experience in Decentraland. CBS studios regard this as a new and fun way for fans to interact with the show’s haunted mansion, Woodstone.

CBS has made the metaverse experience part of their marketing campaign leading up to the second season of the co-production with Lionsgate TV and BBC Studios. The new hit CBS comedy season begins on the 29th of July.

CBS ‘Ghosts’ launches metaverse experience

The Ghosts game is a re-creation of the show’s haunted Woodstone mansion. To begin your immersive experience go to the entry portal in Decentraland. Then, choose an avatar from the show, and enter the haunted mansion to play the game.

The haunted mansion replicated the set of the show. Inside you will find charming interactions with the characters from the comedy show.

Chief Marketing Officer at CBS, Mike Benson, explained why they chose Ghosts for their first foray into the Metaverse.

 “We are continually looking for innovative ways to further develop new audiences for CBS programming, and our hit series ‘Ghosts,’ with its significant following, wide-ranging otherworldly characters and expansive setting, seemed like a natural fit for the Metaverse,”. 

He went on, “This super engaging and elaborate Web3, ‘Ghosts’ game in Decentraland brings the series to life in an exciting way that’s never been done, enabling visitors to each have their own very unique experience while exploring the world of the show.”

On your adventure, you earn NFTs as rewards if you can solve puzzles and complete quests. The NFTs will become part of the comedy’s history. There are 1100 NFTs allotted to each character.

The collectibles come in different rarities and are located on the carbon-neutral Polygon blockchain network.

Scary metaverse


CBS partnered with the Web3 marketing firm, CreativeDepartmint on the Ghosts Metaverse. The company guides clients through Web3 and metaverse business opportunities and has experience in large-scale event production.

Jonathan Block-Verk, the founder of the company, points out that “this is the first-ever Decentraland game built by a U.S. network.’

CreativeDepartmint worked in turn with Moonwalk to produce the NFTs and engaged Terrazero, a metaverse studio, to build the metaverse Web3 game and the experience in Decentraland.

Decentraland Foundation

Decentraland is a non-profit foundation that owns the intellectual property rights to Decentraland. It works with creators, companies, users, and others for the betterment of the ecosystem.

Adam de Cata, head of partnerships at Decentraland Foundation, said, 

“Entertainment has been driving metaverse adoption globally, and Decentraland is excited to have an institution like CBS enter the metaverse and bring a new type of immersion from the TV world.”


CBS’ Ghosts metaverse continues the trend of big-name brands acknowledging and embracing the march of Web3 technology.

If you are a fan of Ghosts, here is your chance to collect some NFTs as you enjoy an immersive journey in the Woodstone mansion.

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