Top Metaverse-Compatible Devices You Can Buy RIGHT NOW

While we do love talking about it, the Metaverse is a complicated subject. Explaining it to someone for the first time is a bit challenging. Just think of it as the next step in the evolution of the Internet.

It’s a place where you can interact with people and things in a completely immersive way. And to access it, all you need is a device with a screen, input system, and a powerful enough processor. So any modern smartphone, tablet, or computer will do to journey into the Metaverse.

What Are Considered to Be Metaverse Devices?

We have the World Wide Web. That’s what we use to access information. It’s what you’re using to read this, naturally. However, we still don’t have a single Metaverse. THE Metaverse, if you will.

And even though many companies are working on it, we’re still years – some researchers even suspect decades – away from it. That means there are no universal tools for accessing the Metaverse just yet.

So what’s considered a “Metaverse device” in that case? At this stage, all the devices that allow us to immerse ourselves in digital worlds and experience them as if they were real are considered Metaverse devices.

The device can be anything from a high-end virtual reality headset to a mobile app.

Top Metaverse-Compatible Devices in 2022

Now, let’s look at some devices that will allow you experience the Metaverse in all its glory.

1. Valve Index


The Valve Index is what many describe as a “2nd-gen headset.” The gadget was designed and manufactured by the Valve Corporation, the same people who gave us Steam – the largest digital distribution platform for PC gaming.

The device is a fully-wired, mounted display. It comes with external sensors that should be placed throughout the room to provide accurate tracking. While the price is a bit on the high end, it’s still one of the best options on the market.

2. HTC Vive Series


The HTC Vive is a VR platform mainly targeting users looking for an intense, immersive graphics experience. That’s one of the reasons why HTC partnered up with Valve for the initial launch of the Vive.

The device requires a connection to a powerful gaming PC and comes with two controllers and two base stations. In addition to the initial model, HTC upgraded their offering with the Vive Pro and Vive Cosmos.

The latter allows users to move around without the need for sensors.

3. Magic Leap 2

VR glasses

Magic Leap is one of the more seasoned and established AR brands on the market. The company established itself more than a decade ago. Initially, they mainly created wearables. But now, their most famous product is probably Magic Leap 2.

Despite weighing only around 300g, the device has advanced processing capabilities. It also works in combination, with a 6DoF controller, which allows the user to interact with virtual objects in real-time.

4. Vuzix


Vuzix is a brand that offers several Metaverse-capable devices. It has a versatile product line that includes both AR and VR headsets, plus smart glasses.

The company’s most popular products include:

  • Vuzix M400: A powerful device that uses waveguides focused at around 5 feet and allows you to see near and far objects.
  • Vuzix M400C: A “consumer” version of the M400 that’s more focused on content consumption.
  • Vuzix Blade: A more stylish take on the classic smart glasses. They don’t look too geeky and come with many features that make them perfect for casual use.

Closing Thoughts

Although the Metaverse in which we are immersed with all of our senses is still a ways away, we already have the technology to take the first steps.

So, if you’re looking to take your first steps into the Metaverse, any of the above devices will do the trick. You can also check out the latest on Apple VR headsets.


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