GTA 6: Will It Have Cryptocurrency Rewards?

As millions of gamers anticipate the sixth instalment of one of the most popular games of all time, some are wondering if GTA 6 will incorporate Play-to-Earn mechanics rewards. Recent rumours suggest the new instalment, aiming for a possible 2024 release, will introduce a Bitcoin-like currency system. Here’s what we know:

Leaks from Insiders

Although not officially confirmed, a leak from within Rockstar Games created rumours that GTA 6 will have an in-game cryptocurrency.  

The leak suggests that GTA 6 will have in-game payments of Bitcoin supporting the mechanics of a Play-to-Earn game. Tom Henderson, a gaming industry insider, had this to say:

The introduction of these payments may come in the form of tokens which players can earn, spend, and ultimately trade for established cryptocurrencies.

As previous GTA games parodied real life, it’s possible the new game will do the same with Crypto.

On the flip side, with the rise in popularity of Play-to-Earn games, significant changes could be on the horizon for Grand Theft Auto and the gaming industry.  

Grand Theft Auto’s Previous Form

As blockchain technology develops, it should be no surprise that Rockstar Games are at least thinking about introducing elements of these new financial and innovative pillars into their next game.

Why? Well, part of the draw for these incredible games is the mirroring of real life albeit in satirical and dramatic ways.

For example, in GTA 5 players could buy and sell stocks through two in-game stock trading websites – the BAWSAQ and LCN Exchange. Players in GTA 5 were also able to earn game money by completing ‘Stock Market Assassination Missions’ issued by Lester.

New additions to the Grand Theft Auto series push the boundaries of what can be achieved with immersive gaming experiences. It’s entirely plausible that Rockstar is planning to include cryptocurrency earnings to push these boundaries in ways that have real-life effects on players.

Is GTA 6 Going to be Play-To-Earn?

Play-to-Earn games enable players to earn rewards from playing games. Rewards come in the form of tokens, in-game currencies, and NFTs. The idea is to empower players who are subjected to unwanted charges and micro-transactions to enhance their gaming experiences.

More over, play-to-Earn games like Illuvium and Splinterlands have already created new gaming ecosystems with huge player participation and followings.

Make no mistake, we are at the very early stages of the Play-to-Earn revolution. Many gamers hate the idea of cryptocurrencies and NFTs entering the gaming sphere. In fact, the industry has received some massive pushback because of this.

That said, some major game developers are bullish about the potential and possibilities Play-to-Earn mechanics can bring to their games.

Speaking in February, the CEO of Take-Two, Rockstar’s parent company, dampened speculation that players may lose money with Play-to-Earn games.

Interestingly, Strauss Zelnick stated that:

“We believe that NFTs are real, and why wouldn’t they be? We believe in digital goods and we’ve been selling digital goods for a very long time…the concern we have is that there’s speculation going on.”

However, he finished by saying, “We’re highly convinced there’s an opportunity for NFTs to fit with Take-Two’s offerings in the future.”

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrencies and Play-to-Earn mechanics in GTA 6 would be huge for the gaming industry and the NFT space. Grand Theft Auto is loved and respected by millions of gamers, a stalwart of gaming since it arrived on the scene in 1997. In 2001, GTA 3’s open world of carnage, mayhem, and fun has had gamers hooked on each instalment ever since.

Rockstar Games could embrace the times we live in by introducing ways for players to earn real rewards including ownership of digital assets. This would be a major breakthrough in helping Play-to-Earn games enter the mainstream arena.


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