BAYC owners can now rent their NFTS on the new ‘Boredjobs’ marketplace

One of the perks of BAYC ownership is that it comes will full commercial rights. Now thanks to Boredjobs, BAYC owners can earn a passive income by renting their Apes to brands and marketers.

The Boredjobs Marketplace

The BoredJobs marketplace is developed by Mouse Belt Labs, which is a blockchain accelerator. As of now, the new NFT marketplace claims that it has managed to list the entire BAYC NFT collection on its dedicated site.

This means that brands and companies can step up their marketing game with instant access to all 10,000 Apes.

The process involves renting the IP of an Ape to a specific brand or digital marketer. But before BAYC owners can access this offer and rent their Apes, they have to confirm their ownership.

Boredjobs are currently in the process of developing a dedicated instruction manual to guide BAYC owners on how to confirm ownership and leverage this unique opportunity.

Scope and Plans of BoredJobs NFT Marketplace

Patrick McLain, the co-founder of Mouse Belt, notes that the BoredJobs NFT portal has received over 200 applications from Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT owners. Naturally, these BAYC owners want to confirm their ownership. McLain points out that all BAYC owners don’t want to wait days or weeks for ownership authentication.

BoredJobs’ NFT portal processes the application of BAYC owners and affirms their ownership in a single day. In addition, McLain highlights that the BoredJobs NFT portal is adding a new way for brands to connect and use premier NFTs. According to McLain, deal terms, license terms, and other details should be open to negotiation among two parties.

Mainstream Adoption of NFT is Already Here!

In 2022, celebrities want to be part of the NFT landscape. From Seth Green to Serena Williams to Snoop Dogg, the craze around NFT collections is far from over.

Allowing brands and marketers to rent NFTs will further drive the engagement and adoption of Web3. Like BAYC, owners of other NFT collections will soon be able to reap the same benefits. You can expect more similar initiatives and opportunities from BoredJobs in the foreseeable future. Also check out the new Bored Yacht board game.


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