You Can Now Play BAYC as a Fun Board Game

In early 2022, the NFT market started to lose its momentum. In fact, there is a major devaluation of some of the biggest NFT collections in the market right now. Still, investors, collectors, and creators are optimistic about the future of NFT and how it would work within the metaverse.

BAYC or Bored Ape Yacht Club came into prominence in 2021 with a digital collection of over 10,000 pictures. Objectively, the collection revolves around monkeys with different poses and managed to garner the attention of a wider audience across the world.

Decreased Value of BAYC Collection and Arrival of Its Board Game

Before 2022, the listed value of the BAYC collection was up to $1 million and now it is valued under a few hundred thousand dollars. Naturally, it makes perfect sense for BAYC to launch an NFT board game based on their collection of apes.

If you do not have enough money to buy BAYC pictures, you can still play the BAYC NFT-powered game. The truth is that BAYC pictures have become highly recognizable and famous among people and it is a perfect opportunity to make it work as a board game for general users. In fact, the newest space for bored apes is a multi-layered and fun board game. 

Imagination Gaming

The game is designed and developed by Imagination Gaming, an LA game-maker. The game development company created a unique board game utilizing the best images from the NFT BAYC collection. For the sake of simplicity, the BAYC NFT board game has a similar theme to Monopoly and is dubbed “Ape-Opoly.” Ape-Opoly allows players to advance, expand, and navigate the board game through NFT collection and predict the crypto changes of millionaires. 

More Participation Equals More Fun and Awareness 

According to Imagination Gaming, the gameplay of Ape-Opoly allows players to take a peek into the crypto landscape. With basic participation, players start to understand the sheer level of hype around Bored Apes. If players are new to cryptocurrencies and NFTs, this game would serve as a great starting point to understand complex terms.

You can pre-order the game for $50 right now to get a copy by the end of October 2022. Like Monopoly, the Ape-Opoly board game revolves around carpet pulls, bankruptcies, gas bills, etc. Technically, the NFT board game is not developed in collaboration with the BAYC or Yuga Labs. Instead, it is a self-financed project that helps you understand the rules and terms of NFT through the BAYC NFT collection. 

The idea of developing an NFT game around the BAYC collection is to raise more awareness around Bored Apes and bring the collection to life for players. In fact, the NFT game has the potential to create more attractive opportunities within the NFT space. 

NFT BAYC Collection Is Still Part of the Digital Culture

In a short time, the increased popularity of BAYC made it part of the digital culture. Despite the crypto crash, the limitless potential of NFT collection still exists and players can navigate this game to better understand how blockchain-powered fungible tokens can revolutionize virtual space.


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