New Wax Studios P2E Strategy Game ‘Music Mogul’ Launches First NFT Sale – And Sells Out Immediately

Wax Studios’ new play-to-earn (P2E) sensation Music Mogul has sold out of its first wave of 5,000 ‘Pop Genre Artist Talent Packs’.

The P2E strategy game, due for release in the fall, offers the mouth-watering prospect of building your own, musical empire.

The NFT packs, which came in 5 levels of rarity, were snapped up on June 28, 2022, at 10 am PST/1 pm EST.

Each pack was sold for around $75 in WAXP, giving owners an opportunity to get ahead on their quest as a history-making Music Mogul.

Each NFT Pack contains a random mix of 25 NFTs that can come in five (5) different levels (aka rarities) — ranging from 1 to 5 stars.

The rarity levels are: ‘Busking Beginner’, ‘Bar Gig Battler’, ‘Live Show Luminary’, ‘Music Video Maestro’ and finally, ‘Stadium Superstar’.

The rush to buy the packs was no surprise, considering the game is being developed by some of the best minds in the business, namely Mike Rubinelli and his team at Wax Studios.

Following the launch of Blockchain Brawlers, Wax Studios has returned with another innovative concept, which will surely sing the right notes to the blockchain gaming community. 

In essence, the game invites you to pit your skills as a Music Mogul, with the opportunity to carve a lasting legacy in the music industry.

As the owner of a musical empire, your aim will be to build a diverse roster of artists, as you get to feel what it’s like to discover, produce and nurture artistic talent. 

Through game’s ‘Music Mogul Star Maker’, musicians can be crafted into superstars. Indeed, those lucky enough to grab one of the initial 5000 packs will already be working on their crafting skills.

Mogul NFT

Wax said on their Medium channel: “Crafting and increasing star levels will be an essential part of your record label empire-building experience — giving you the power to improve your entertainers to become the master of your own music label. To accomplish this, you’ll need the perfect mix of low and high-power artists (lots more details to come on this topic, so stay tuned).”

Soon, a Power Score Leaderboard will be introduced, where NFT holders can view their inventory score and size up the competition.

Wax Studios is promising unprecedented play-to-earn mechanics in this game, which will challenge players to make key strategic decisions hourly, daily and weekly.

Mike Rubinelli, who goes under the pseudonym ‘Just Mike’, also revealed some tantalizing details on Discord. He said: “The daily gigs will be gated by rarity and genre. The high-level gigs you play will earn you more of a certain currency.

“You will spend that currency to craft a track to enter into the weekly song streaming competition, which is a global charting competition broken out by music genre.”

Just like the real music industry, money earned will need to be spent on overheads like renting studio recording time, hiring a sound engineer, renting a mixing board, hiring music sessions and of course, purchasing more gear.

Additionally, Mike revealed that the higher your chart position, the more currency you will make. The better all of your components are combined, the more chance you have of landing that prestigious number 1 hit!

We’re excited for more details to emerge about Music Mogul. For now, stay tuned for more updates.


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