Meta Launches a New Digital Hub, Crayta

While the world is busy exploring the potential of Web 3.0 and blockchain technologies, Meta is creating their own universe. The Facebook parent company has launched a new web portal, Crayta, which works with Facebook.

Previously, Facebook has launched different versions like Stadia and Facebook Gaming. With the acquisition of Unit 2, Meta has launched Crayta, which aims to bring 2D into the Web 3.0 interface.

What’s The Point Of Crayta?

According to Mark Zuckerberg himself, Web 3.0 is strongly focusing on 3D experiences with VR and AR technologies. There are too many NFT projects and blockchain integrations that are also focusing on Play2Earn aspects. While these are admirable, they are forgetting about having fun or looking at the social aspects of Web 3.0.

Crayta isn’t just a Web 3.0 utility. It is also a Web 2 platform. However, the objective behind Crayta is to show that you can enhance so much in the Web 3.0 world without relying on AR/Vr.

  • Crayta eliminates the need to download or install any games. Just like how Facebook Games used to work.
  • Users can quickly create a game or generate links to share with friends for them to join.
  • Crayta has been compared to Roblox for the ‘build-your-own’ games and other aspects.
  • Crayta also has drawn comparisons to Fortnite for colourful and eccentric visuals, designs and more.
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Cloud Computing – The Tech Behind Crayta

It is interesting to note that Meta hasn’t worked on the blockchain, or created its own blockchain. Instead, Crayta works on Facebook Cloud Computing prowess. We all vaguely remember Cloud Gaming becoming the next big thing around 2018-2020. However, the following decade brought us blockchain gaming. We almost forgot about Cloud Gaming as they turned ‘normal’ with the next-gen gaming consoles like PS5 and Xbox.

Yet, Facebook is still working on it. Their Cloud Gaming endeavours enable users to create any game and get it hosted right away on the Facebook Server without worrying about anything at all.

Extensive Resources for Developers

Apart from the ease and flexibility of cloud gaming, Crayta also encompasses a wide range of pre-designed visuals and graphic elements. You can even create mini-games, or a complete game, by using the library, which has it all. You can create a 2D or 3D graphic game conveniently, without any problem.

Whether you’re looking to build something new and original, or something that is inspired by other projects, you will have access to tools and resources.

Unreal Engine 4 – The Backbone of Crayta

There is already an Unreal Engine 5 that many AAA gaming companies and developers are using for the next-level experience. Yet, Unreal Engine 4 is easy on the cloud computing power. It is also quite versatile and the most user-friendly option.

Crayta is powered by and uses Unreal Engine 4. The most commendable feat is to still eliminate the need to download or install the game. You could just load it on your browser and start playing it. The platform isn’t system extensive either.

Of course, for the best graphical performance and experience, you will need a worthwhile system, but still, it is still easygoing for most.

Crayta Is Not an NFT Game

Metaverse is a term that has been around for a long time, even before Facebook changed its name to Meta. Why’s this point relevant? Just to showcase that Meta is attempting to be the central part of the Web 3.0 and Metaverse infrastructure.

However, Crayta is not an NFT Game. There aren’t tokens, cryptocurrencies, or collectibles available for Crayta users to transfer around or import/export anywhere.

Crayta doesn’t use blockchain technology. Nor does it offer any Play2Earn additions. You could monetise the game, but that has another set of policies and more for users to read and understand.

Many people have mistaken it for some kind of NFT game or platform, from Facebook, in the Metaverse. But that’s what it is about. If anything, Crayta is just a gaming portal by Meta. It allows you to develop games or play the ones already available.

The Bottom Line – Is Crayta All That Great?

Crayta is just a way for Meta (formerly Facebook) to say: “We now have a gaming website.” There’s no more need to create games or post them on Facebook anymore. With Unreal Engine 4’s power, and cloud computing, Crayta is an ambitious approach and something people may admire.

However, it is a little disappointing to see that Meta hadn’t decided to launch their own blockchain gaming platform or something else in general. Many people worldwide had a positive reaction to the platform, while others found it disappointing.

Crayta will have to stand the test of time, and the hype of NFT games, to sustain itself for the time being. Yet, the ‘Roblox-meets-Fortnite’ has quite a nice ring to it.


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